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Promoting your Internet Home Business on B2B Sites

Do you work from home as a manufacturer’s or buyer’s agent or representative or as an affiliate? Or do you run any other type of home business? A great and inexpensive way to promote your business is on B2B (Business to Business) sites.
What is a B2B site?A B2B site is an Internet portal which offers buyers, sellers and agents the opportunity to place their business, products or services on the web to find worldwide buyers and suppliers or manufacturers or their agents and/or representatives.
Where can you find B2B sites?B2B sites can be found online. You can find a list of my favourite ones below. Search engines (e.g. google) can also turn up others, to satisfy your particular needs.
How do you join a B2B site?To join a B2B site, simply click on any of the links below. Then follow the sign up instructions. They are simple and take only a few minutes. 
How much do B2B sites cost to join?Many great B2B sites are absolutely free to join. But optional enhanced services have a fee. Not…

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