How to trade on IndiaMART, my number two B2B site

My number two choice to sell or maybe look to buy a physical or digital product; or to easily find buyers or sellers on the internet anywhere in the world is the B2B (Business to Business) platform IndiaMART.

1. About IndiaMART was created by Mr Dinesh Agarwal in 1996. As India’s largest online B2B marketplace for Small & Medium Size Businesses, it figures among the top ten B2B marketplaces in the world and connects Indian businesses with both domestic and foreign buyers, sellers and suppliers. IndiMART is used by more than 1.2 million suppliers to generate business leads from over 6.5 million reliable and competitive business partners. 2800 employees across 60+ offices in India work for the company. Its existing investors include Intel Capital and Bennett, Coleman & Co. Ltd.

IndiaMART’s core values (take responsibility, work with passion and commitment, move ahead as a team and conserve the integrity) have helped the company achieve its mission of bringing measurable benefits to its customers.

2. Buyers Tool Kit
IndiaMART helps a buyer to succeed in their online business in various ways:

a) Subscribe trade alerts

This gives you updates on:

newly added products
trends and demand for products
supplier information
latest buying requests, etc.

b) Register free to manage personalized services

A free member is granted access to:

● Post buy requests

c) Tell us what you need

Are you looking for something special? All you have to do is complete a simple form to let IndiaMART know and your purchase requirement will be fulfilled.

d) Receive Quotes

This IndiaMART tools enables a buyer to receive customized price quotes from qualified suppliers via email or phone.

e) Pick Best Supplier & Place Order!

You need the best company to supply you your requirement? This is the quick and easy feature that will help you compare quotes and choose the best suppliers.
f) Easy Buying
IndiaMART makes it easy for you to buy online: you send in your purchase requirement and verified suppliers send you quotations.
g) Supplier Matchmaking
Do you need to be matched with a supplier? IndiaMART will not only find you the best matched supplier but also a verified one for your buy requirement.

3. Suppliers Tool Kit
On the IndiaMART platform, suppliers also receive resources to do their work effortlessly online:

a) Post products free

They can post their offers for buyers to view them.

b) Register free to manage personalized services:

● Add photo products on their catalog
● Post sell offers
● View business enquiries and responses

4. Services
The services offers its members are:

a) Take First Step in Online Marketing
This service tool tool enables one to start online operations on the platform. It can therefore be a new member’s first step in doing business online with IndiaMART. offers products that enable small & medium size businesses generate business leads (online catalogs/store-fronts), establish their credibility (third party verified trust profile) and use business information (finance, news, trade shows, tenders) for their business promotion.

b) TrustSEAL
This tool, added to a business listing on the platform, shows buyers and suppliers that the member is a trustworthy partner. And it no doubt brings trust to the member’s online business.

c) Buy leads
If you are looking for only genuine, to verified, relevant business enquiries online, this IndiaMART product is for you.

d) Maximiser
e) The Complete Online Marketing Solution
Would you want to start big on IndiaMART? Then this comprehensive online marketing IndiaMART feature is for you. It is big on features, ROI, value and benefits.

f) Star Supplier
A star supplier solution gives a member a starry presence online. It works by listing a member on the portal as a Star. This highlights them among suppliers in all the relevant categories.

g) Leading Supplier
Are you an industry leader or do you want to showcase yourself as one? Then get IndiaMART’s Leading Supplier solution for your business and showcase yourself as such to global buyers.
h) Trade shows
Another interesting feature a buyer, seller or supplier can also find on the IndiaMART platform are:
● trade shows by industry 
● trade shows by country
● conferences.
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