Blog to do business, part three

Part three: Blog to do business with companies offering free stuffs

Today I conclude the last part of the series dedicated to blogging to do business with how to win money on the internet partnering with companies that offer free stuffs.

What is a free stuff?                                                                                                                                                                                                              
A free stuff is a product offered or a service rendered by commercial companies without the blog visitor paying for it. They include trial offers, contests, surveys, coupons, newsletters, samples, contextual ads (information), etc.

How does it work?
A blogger places a free stuff link on their blog. Readers find the killer ad campaigns created by the marketers irresistible and click on them to try the offers or the samples, enter the contests, complete the surveys, ask for the coupons, subscribe to the newsletters, or check the contextual ads (information), etc. And the blogger gets paid.

Why does it work?
Everyone loves promotions and things given away free because it is an inexpensive way to obtain valuable stuffs. Companies also adore the idea of giving things away free since it enables potential buyers to know their products and later patronize them. And for bloggers it is a highly appreciated passive way of gaining money on the internet. With all the parties winning, free stuffs cannot but work.

How much does it cost a blogger to offer free stuffs on their blog?
It costs very little and often nothing at all to offer free stuffs on a blog and start winning money on the internet instantly or in just days.

When and how to start
With a blog set up and displaying some quality content, the owner applies to the free stuff network companies. The companies check the website for its suitability before approving the application. They are looking for future customers and evidently a blog which does not suit their criteria and/or cannot drive suitable traffic to make the advertisers’ offers known and patronized would not be worth their partnership.

How does a blogger get paid                                                                                                                                                                                                           
When someone completes one of the free stuff offers on a blog, the owner’s affiliate identity embedded in the affiliate link shows at the free stuff company’s and their account is credited. At a certain level, the accumulated earnings are sent to the payment processor chosen by the blogger at signup.

Some free stuff networks to join                                                                                                                                                             
- Trial offers: Two of the best networks in this domain are Peerfly and Neverblue. They have several hundreds of offers for a blogger to post to their sites. Other free stuff offers can be found on the web, through other free stuff web sites, forums or on brand web sites. However I will furnish an extended list in a future post to enable you gain more money online.
- Contests: earn money internet

- Get paid to complete a survey: Companies are constantly looking for fresh ideas to improve their offers. And who best to help them do that than the consumers themselves? And since this is a highly valuable service rendered them right ‘from the horse’s mouth, it is only normal that they pay for it. The blogger gains only if this attracts traffic to their site.

- Coupons: While some will do it, not all blog visitors are keen on completing a survey or signing up for free stuff offers with their email addresses. So, updating your site content with free stuff offers and coupons will not only provide them real quality content but also satisfy their inclination and make them revisit your blog.

- Newsletters: Like coupons, creating newsletters or a mailing list for your blog are other ways to keep visitors coming back to visit. A blogger can create a mailing list account with a mailing service like Aweber. This is a free newsletter to which visitors can sign up to for daily, weekly or monthly updates. And when the blogger sends out a mailing, they get money online. In addition, a mailing enables the blogger to have people to whom they can send other matters like top free stuff offers for the day, affiliate offers, etc. and build their downlines to earn money from the internet. Hence the saying that, “The money is in the list.”

- Samples: Samples are ways for companies to find out if the products they have developed really suit buyers’ whims. If blog visitors gave their opinions for the improvement of old products or the development of new ones who best to test them than themselves?

- Contextual ads (information): Contextual advertising, a form of free stuff

In an earlier blog post I talked about how a blogger can make money on the internet by including contextual ads on their website. Know that in addition to having your ad space filled by high paying advertisers, your blog visitors will find these links more relevant than other generic ads. Check the blog here: Contextual-ad-program-companies

Now that you know that the inclusion of free stuffs on your blog is a money maker, why don’t you offer them now?                                                                                                             

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