Desperate man makes 1,010,212. True story.

This is an amazing story from a programme I bought that I can’t hide from anyone. We all have the right to become millionaires.

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Desperate Bike Messenger Buys Magnetic Sponsoring For $39 - Makes 1,010,212 In Next 27 Months. Here's The True Story...

"Mike, I don't know if you remember, but I do. About three years ago I happened across your "Magnetic Sponsoring" guide (Check it here) in an online forum. I bought it on the spot, and then was so excited to get the freaking thing I called you to see when it would show up. To my surprise, you answered and said shouldn't be more than a couple days and sure enough it showed up right on schedule.


 I don't know if you've got magic in your words or what, but after reading and grasping the simple principles in that I guide and your "Traffic Formula" course, it all clicked for me. I got to work, and now a few years later I've recruited more people than I can count - probably approaching the 1,000 mark now, and it's all been site unseen and quiet literally at the push of a button.

(That's me in the picture above holding 37 checks worth 85,172.47. Not bad for a single month!)

Those recruits have turned into organizations in the high multiple thousand that to this day grow by 10 to 15 people a day like clockwork.

In total, I've earned well over over 1,010,212, and that's conservative. Which has translated into me living a life I love, traveling to Europe, Central America, and Asia more than once and I don't remember the last time I looked at the prices on a menu at a restaurant.

Had I not found Magnetic Sponsoring, and Traffic Formula, would I have achieved these results?

Maybe, but I guarantee not as fast, and I don't think people would be calling me "The King Of Never Calling A Single Lead" like they do now.

So if you're trying to decide whether or not "Magnetic Sponsoring" is for you, and you've spent the last couple months calling dead beat leads only to get rejected and pay for it like I did, let me share a few key lessons I picked up from Magnetic Sponsoring...

#1: Never Buy Or Call Generic Leads

Seems pretty self evident, but let me tell you briefly why this is important by sharing a recent experience I had . . .

Not to long ago I was checking out websites on the net and opted into a few mailing lists.

This time must have been special because the next 3 days I got about 20 calls from people who couldn't tell me where they got my name, but they ALL somehow knew I was someone interested in starting a business (because I happened across some page and opted in).

The first couple calls were nostalgic and reminded me of the drudgery I once endured, but the 20th call was more than a little annoying. Each person that "bought" me as a lead paid the same price, didn't know what I was really interested in doing, and had to deal with 19 other people calling me trying to get me to buy some website or scheme.

If you're buying leads all your doing is making life harder for yourself because you're basically paying to create competition for you, who, if they're selling hot air will quickly shade the mind of your prospect in a not so positive light towards anyone calling them about anything opportunity related.

All you're doing is making life harder for yourself when you do this. So don't.

That brings up the next point . . .

#2: Get Your Own Leads

Another short story to illustrate why:

After picking up "Magnetic Sponsoring" I realized the importance of getting my own leads and set out to do it.

Literally 2 minutes after I generated my first leads, up popped my first new recruit along with them. I was away at work when it happened, but when I check the time lag between the notification emails for new leads and new sign ups for my company the lag was less than 2 minutes.

There I was after previously having bought thousands of dollars worth of leads and spent countless hours getting rejected by them - to spending $40 on a cheap ad and having people auto recruit themselves into my business.

I'm not a fast learner all the time, but I picked up on this one pretty quick. Knowing that I now had a choice between buying generic leads like the rest of world and wasting time calling them, compared to getting my own and knowing the results of that, I'm choosing option #2 every time.

But here's why it's so much more powerful get your own leads.

You're the only one that has access to them, so competition is zilch, the expressed interest in exactly what you had to offer, so you know they're not generic, and MOST important you control the interactions with them thereafter.

Some may join on the spot, but now either following up via email or on the phone with these NON generic leads in a competition vacuum you'll pull in even more results over time.

Now I can't share everything I learned in "Magnetic Sponsoring" but I'll share one more important lesson I've learned and prospered by . . .

#3: Make Money Now No Matter What

In network marketing and the home business arena we're always taught to build the organization to create a long term annuity and to retail our company's product or service to earn the everyday bread and butter money that keep our business moving forward.

In a word . . .  IMPORTANT!

There are economic concerns involved with every business no matter if it's in the home business arena or not, and this one if of the utmost importance.

Here's why . . .

If you're just starting out money is always going to be more scarce than once you have some momentum going.

It's exceedingly important, at the beginning, that for every dollar you spend you do anything and everything in your power to put it back in your pocket as soon as possible.

The problem that causes most network marketers to fail early on is running out of cash before there business can pay for itself.

If you're new you're immediate and most important concern is going to be earning your investment back as soon as possible.

The easier you can make it on yourself to do this and provide an avenue for your team members to do the same the faster and the larger your organization will grow.

The problem is online it's tough as heck to retail your company's product or service for several reasons that I could go on for a day about, but the BIGGEST thing I learned in "Magnetic Sponsoring" was there's a better and even more effective way to earn your initial investment back, and for that and the other priceless lessons I've experienced the power of first hand I suggest you pick up the guide and get the full scoop.

I went on too long here, but all I meant to say here, is my life has changed drastically since I came across the magic that is "Mike Dillard", and I'm just thankful for it.

Anyone who doesn't pick up "Magnetic Sponsoring" (Check it here) could very well be leaving millions on the table.

Keep doing what you do big Mike.

To the top,

Daegan "The King Of Never Calling A Single Lead"


First and foremost, I have to say "thank you" Daegan, and congratulations on your tremendous success man! Your results speak for your drive and mastery of marketing, which has always been based on integrity and value.

And as for you, it's time to cut bait or go home...

If you haven't picked up a copy of Magnetic Sponsoring yet, you need to do so right now. Today.  Or you need to scroll down and click on the "unsubscribe" button.

Seriously. If you can read a story like Daegan's, and still find some excuse as to why you can't benefit from Magnetic Sponsoring, you've got some soul searching to do, because you're kidding yourself.

It's time to take off the disguise and stop pretending to be an entrepreneur, because you really don't want it.

And that's ok. Not a big deal, but if that's the case, you don't need to be here right? No hard feelings, and best of luck to you.

Now if you're ready to start your journey for real, and become a student of past success just as I did, and just as Daegan's done, then get started. Read Magnetic Sponsoring. I'm not going to give it to you free, because "free" is for losers and excuse makers. 

But I will give you a full year to call my bluff, and I will pay for your shipping if you live in the US. If you read the book and think I'm full of crap, send it back for a refund. You win either way, which is why it's time to make your decision.

Or leave it alone if you are satisfied with your life as it is.

My best,

Mike Dillard

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