[Affordable MLM Opportunities] A brand new concept in Online Network Marketing!

Ben Philias
10:49pm Mar 27
A brand new concept in Online Network Marketing!
Now, it's time to get away from all the Facebook noise!
Multiple Income Builders have created a brand new Network Marketing, Team Building Concept!

They first build you a Downline by placing members under You before they even join any MLM opportunities.

Why 2 biz opportunities?
Here is why! They want everybody in their team to make money the very first month. Period!
So, by joining 2 MLM businesses, they leverage themselves with the power of our great team.

Here is how: Multiple Income Builders strictly place their members in their Downline Structure according to the dates that they join their Facebook group "Multiple Income Builders" and they join the first biz opportunity by placing the ones that were with them first at the top in the MLM business.
Then, they flip the members upside down to join the second biz opportunity.

Meaning, if you were at or near the top in opp #1, you will be placed at or near the bottom in opp #2.
This gives everybody a chance to be placed at or near the top in one of the two businesses thus a chance  to make some of the big money. And they continue to build the team adding 100's of members under you!

In so doing, not only will you make money but also your downline (the people under you) will make money also from the very first month so they will not have to quit on you after just 2 or 3 months. This creates a sustainable Residual Income for the whole team.

They are joining 2 great programs in the next few days. So hurry up! Do not get left behind!
They are only letting just a few more people in!

Click on their Facebook link to request access to their closed group:


See you on this inside where they make great stuff happen!!!

Also watch these 2 minutes video for more info:


Send me a friendship's request for more info!
Akoli Penoukou
Or contactb admins: Edwin Cabrera or Ben Philias

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