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PROLOGUE: On making the last post of this series on 27/09/2014, I had promised to bring you the next one the following day. But man proposes and God disposes. Unfortunately my offline activities as a teacher stepped in and tied my hands. Add to this my excruciatingly slow internet connection, then you will understand why I had been unable to honour my promise.

Today therefore, I continue the series.















 Yesterday we saw Lesson 2 – Affiliate viral marketing training. As assured, today we are going to delve into Lesson 3 – Facebook viral marketing training which will introduce you to Facebook Business/Fan Pages.

This training is made up of 20 videos: 

-          Module 1 Introduction,

-          Customized Game Plan,

-          Module 2 Overview,

-          Creating memorable slogans that stick,

-          Power of Colors (How to Use colors to sell),

-          Upgrade your logos (Get cheap yet quality logos),

-          Upgrade your fuzzy graphics to vector,

-          How to use mascots to brand your company,

-          Module 3 overview,

-          Introduction,

-          Demographics,

-          Active groups,

-          Recruit fans,

-          Engagement/Content,

-          Outsource,

-          Module 4 Overview,

-          Creating simple video intros

-          Position brand trustworthy through educational videos,

-          Boost your brand through Facebook posts, and

-          Final recap.

Video N° 1: Affiliate Introduction (Length: 4:43)

This is an introduction and a quick overview of the free Facebook course for traffic creation. It covers the 4 modules listed above to let you know what to expect and what tools you will need.

Video 2, which is part of module 1, is on creating an action plan for your business. For without it nothing taught would be personalized and bring success.

Module 2, made up of 5 videos, concentrates on getting your brand ready for Facebook through a logo, a mascot and a slogan to increase brand reach.

Module 3, consisting of 6 videos, talks about free Facebook traffic.

Module 4 has 4 videos and dwells on creating awesome content, and with rapid speed.    

Video N° 2: Customized game plan (Length: 6:03)

In this video, you are asked to get a paper and a pen and answer a series of questions to create your action plan. The questions are:

1. Where are you now in terms of branding yourself, traffic and content? What’s working and what’s not? Do you have a logo? What about a mascot? Which colours are you using in your logo vis-à-vis your demographics?

2. Branding: Do you have a logo, a slogan, a mascot, etc? What are you trying to convey? Who is your audience? What are your demographics?

3. Traffic: What type are you getting now? How are your conversions? Is Facebook (and the other social sites) working for you or not? (With Facebook, ‘working for you’ means are you getting likes, shares and comments? This is because Facebook is all about interaction. And likes, shares and comments create interaction since they engage the visitor.

Finally you are advised not to sell directly on Facebook. Rather you must sell indirectly and in an entertaining way.

4. Content: What content are you currently providing? A mixture of written, video and pictures? Or just one or two of them? You are advised to have all the three types because there are three learning types: visual, auditory and kinestatics.

Video N° 3: Module 2 overview: Getting your brand ready for Facebook (Length: 3:25)

This video gives an overview of the 5 videos that constitute module 2.

Video N° 4 is about a company slogan that sticks. This is important for it will enable somebody who comes or leaves your Facebook page to remember you. So you are advised to start creating a logo.

Video N° 5: You are asked to tap into the subconscious mind of your customers with colours and taught the meaning of different colours and how to use them.

Video N° 6 shows you how to create a logo or have one created for you.

Video N° 7 teaches you how to upgrade your old logos and graphics.

Video N° 8 deals with how to brand your company using mascots.

Video N° 4: Creating memorable slogans that stick in your customers’ minds (Length: 7:36)

To create a slogan that sticks in your customers’ minds, the video asks you to make it memorable; to write down 3 of your brand’s primary benefits; to differentiate your brand in comparison to your competitors’ with your USP or Unique Selling Proposition*, to seek customer satisfaction, to satisfy the brand by reemphasizing the name in your logo and to use rhyme and jingles.  

You are then advised to combine any of these ideas into a powerful slogan. Examples of powerful logos of three companies are given to show how simple, straightforward they are and describe an action and not necessarily the benefits of the product.

* (You must therefore know who your competitors are, what slogans they are using, how they are branding themselves and how you differ from them),

Video N° 5: Power of colours. How to use colours to sell products and services (Length: 4:50)

Since colours can create environments and make people feel a sense of peace, calm, urgency, etc., the video teaches how to use them correctly in your logos, websites, etc. You also learn that colours will brand what you are trying to express in your logo, on your website and in your videos and the media you use.

To really see what colours mean, the video takes you to a site where a table shows in three columns different colours, qualities that you want to promote (with concrete examples of companies using them) and the profession suited to each. 

Video N° 6: Upgrade your logos. Get cheap yet quality logos (Length: 9:51)

This training teaches how to get a logo created or redesigned. You also learn how to get a high quality logo for $5 to $25.

To choose three colours for your logo, you are taken to for a short exercise and where you can find people to create a logo for you based on your chosen colours.

Video N° 7: Upgrade your fuzzy logos to vector (Length: 7:12)

Here you learn how to upgrade old fuzzy logos (the ones that lose their quality when expanded). You are shown how to redesign that logo in Adobe illustrator and turn it into a vector (high quality) one which can even fit on billboards. Better still, you are taught how to get someone on to do it for you. 

Video N° 8: How to use mascots to brand your company (Length: 5:18)

To add some power to logos (which are the main representations of a business), you are advised to have mascots to teach your videos, introduce your products, etc. because they get your fans to associate it to your business as well as get excited about it.

The video not only teaches you to find mascots but also takes you to to show you cartoon mascots to avoid. It then brings you to where you can search for mascots you can customize to fit what you want to brand and achieve.

Video N° 9: Module 3 overview: Free Facebook traffic (Length: 2:14)

This introduction to Facebook traffic teaches how to drive traffic to your page, etc.

Video 10 introduces the right mindset on getting Facebook fans, for which you are advised to privilege quality over quantity.

Video 11 touches on demographics and frame of mind, i.e. who are you going to target and what are they thinking of and what is their frame of mind so that you can provide content that solves their problems and answers their questions.

Video 12 dwells on high engagement groups for you to find highly active fans.

Video 13 shows how to seek and find groups.

Video 14 is about engaging your fans.

Video 15 titled “outsource and automate traffic generation” teaches how to do that yourself or engage someone else to do it for you cheap but well. 

Video N° 10: Introduction: quality over quantity (Length: 4:06)

This video shows you not only how to get traffic but how to get one (through Facebook ads, likes, Fan pages, etc.) that converts. The focus is therefore placed on quality, tightly-focused fans who engage with you and your content.

The training shows that to get good fans on Facebook, you must understand the demographics. For example, who are you trying to reach? What keeps them up at night? What kind of problems do they have?

With this information at hand, you can know how to engage your fans and get them to act on your page and/or offers. This high engagement will lead to increased conversions.

Video N° 11: Demographics and frame of mind (Length: 9:28)

To know your demographics and the frame of mind of your future fans, video 11 teaches you to use a free tool called on which keywords to your niche can help you check the traffic and the demographics such as which gender most likes your product, whether they have kids or not, the age bracket of that gender most seeking the product, what their income is, their level of education and which race they belong to.

To know the frame of mind of your demographics, the video teaches how to go to and using the same keyword as for the demographics to check the products they buy so that you know which content to provide them.

To go deep into the minds of your potential fans, the video teaches how to check a product they buy which has high rating and skim through it for ideas for your content.  

Video N° 12: Action groups (Length: 5:29)

To find groups with active fans, the video asks you to go to Facebook and search with the keyword to your niche. Then pick out specific fan pages that fit your demographics and responds to what you are focusing on. By checking the pages to verify their engagement through the likes, comment and shares, you can create a Facebook fan page geared towards them.

Video N° 13: How to Pinpoint and recruit fans (Length: 4:59)

The goal here is not to teach you how to get many fans but rather quality ones who are very active and will like and especially comment on your fan pages. The video teaches you how to get active fans to join your fan page by going to the pages you researched on Facebook and checking for those who like and comment a lot. And by liking and commenting their likes and comments, you engage them. 

Video N° 14: Engagement/Content (Length: 5:04)

Video 14 teaches you what content to post and how often. It shows, how by going back to the fan pages you researched and checking the posts, you can get the most engaging contents and post something similar. It also shows how you can get more content from the table of contents of books.

Video N° 15: Outsource and automate (Length: 6:03)

Although this video is about outsourcing and automating your fan page posting, it advises you to at least post for a week to learn and be able to pinpoint what you need before asking somebody else to do it for you.

To outsource, the training shows you how to hire freelancers on who are passionate about your topic. It goes further by showing how to narrow your search and communicate with your future freelancers.    

Video N° 16: Module 4 overview: Create awesome content (Length: 2:01)

The main focus here is how to rapidly create awesome content. So:

Video 17 dwells on creating exciting video intros that brand you.

Video 18 shows you how to gain trust through educational videos.

Video 19 teaches how to create content very fast (even 10 contents within half an hour).

Video 20 is a final recap of the entire training.

Video N° 17: Creating simple video intros (Length: 9:12)

This video helps you upgrade your video branding by teaching the secret ingredients. You also learn how to go to and search for people who can create such videos for you for $5 to $10; and some free sites for soundtracks; for graphics; for after effects video clips; and how to render your videos in .MP4 files for high quality.  

Video N° 18: Positioning brand trustworthy through educational videos (Length: 11:43)

Here you are taught how to use educational videos to position your brand. As most people hate being sold to, your educational videos brand you as trustworthy. You become useful in people’s eyes if you they can get one, two or three tips in your videos. In this regard, the training gives the formula for creating such videos to be:

1.      Find one tip that could really help your customers.

2.      Build connection with the viewer by describing the problem and relating to it. For example, “I understand you if you don’t trust free offers because I’ve also signed up to them only to be pestered with requests to buy or join programs.”  

3.      Move into your tips as the solution. Break it up into bullet points and develop each.

4.      Talk about the tips in a step-by-step manner or show how to resolve a problem in the same sequence.

5.      If it’s a How to article, the video advises to use screen capture video or an Iphone to show the viewers.

The video also tells which software to use to show things on your computer screen such as and (for screen recording and video editing software) and for how-to style by step by step video, showing steps to follow.

Video N° 19: How to boost brand through Facebook posts (Length: 9:50)

Concerning how to get your brand out, the video says that the way to sell on social sites, and especially on Facebook, is not hard sell. The key is to provide tips, advice and something useful and fun your fans can use that relates to your product. This will make them share your posts.

As for rapid content creation, this video shows how to:

-          Turn one article, email, newsletter with x points into the same number of points;

-          Convert a 5-minute video into 20 posts;

-           Put quotes or helpful tips on images and get them spread by fans for viral marketing; and

-          Have giveaway contests for your fans.

To show how this is done, the video went for an article on

Video N° 20: Final recap (Length: 3:41)

The videos are summarised. This is to make sure you have taken everything learnt and put them into action.

As you can see, this particular training features a lot more useful videos to help you master Facebook viral marketing. Tomorrow we will go back to Google to see Lesson 4 – Google hangout viral marketing training.

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