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You’re Guaranteed to Succeed in These Four Simple Businesses. Sure

The statistics are unequivocal: 98% of online workers fail.


Most online programs need constant investment to succeed.
They are complicated for the average Joe.
They need recruiting for you to make money.
They need your constant attention to work.

But not with the four businesses proposed here: Feedermatrix, averagejoprofitsystem, unitedgroupinternational and dollarsflowsystem.


You make a small initial investment ($1.75 to $10) and watch your money grow.
All you have to do on the site you’ve been doing already.
You don’t have to recruit; the system places referrals under you.
Your only attention is to confirm payments to you or maintain contact referrals.


Okay, here they are:


Feedermatrix, the “Number 1 Program” for beginners!

No sponsorship or advertising required!

Ridiculous cost to start! Only $1.75 earns you a fortune paid instantly and directly to your Paypal, Payza or STP accounts! Yes, turn a measly $1.75 into $100000!

How? Feedermatrix has an unbeatable rate of spillover, which makes it possible to earn up to $100000 by investing only $1.75!


 Earning formula:

  • Give $1.75 - Get $7
  • Give $5 - Get $80
  • Give $10 - Get $640
  • Give $20 - Get $5120
  • Give $40 - Get $160
  • Give $80 - Get $1280
  • Give $160 - Get $10240
  • Give $320 - Get $81920
  • Initial payment to upline: ONLY $1.75
  • Payment systems: Paypal, Payza, Solidtrustpay
  • Downline structure: 4x4 forced matrix
  • Ad-coop: optional
  • Sponsorship: No sponsorship required

 Need more information? See this video: “Feedermatrix, how does it work?” Click here to find out
Then join from this link with a great team: Yes, right here!

The Average Joe Profit System was created for use by individuals who are new to internet marketing! Here you gain two businesses in one!

The creators have been in the same spot such people are in today. Are you stuck starting a career online? And you wonder where to turn to and learn about internet marketing? You’re at the right place: with the Joes, you will learn the basics of Internet Marketing. 

Advertising is very important in this industry. If you have a product or service to sell, you need to know where and how to promote. The Joes’ website will teach you how to open a facebook and a youtube account and how to upload a video. Once you have these essentials, you can make money online.
With a low cost of $5 one time, you will be on your way to gaining knowledge of Internet Marketing.
But that’s not all.

You can also earn an income with The Average Joe!
  • In a 3x4 forced matrix structure.
  • Spillunder and Spillover help you grow your business even faster.
What About the Earning Formula?
Be amazed!

- Give $5, Get $15
- Give $10, Get $90
- Give $50, Get $1350
- Give $100, Get $8100

- Give $300, Get $900
- Give $600, Get $5400
- Give $900, Get $24300
- Give $2500, Get $202500

Which means that your potential income would be $242655!

The initial payment to your upline will only be $5 and you can pay them directly with our member to member system. The Payment processor they use can be from Paypal, Solid Trust Pay, Ego Pay, BitCoin or Payoneer.

Sign up here Go ahead and do it.


How it works
Revolutionizing the concept of 100% commissions, member to member (M2M).

Carefully Designed With the Average Network Marketer in Mind

New unique automated forced spillover along with a new unique pass-up feature.

A Detailed Explanation of the Spillover and Upgrade Payment Pass-Ups in the New System.

This new system has 10 Levels in total and the genealogy builds in a straight line downwards broken down into 2 stages, this is NOT like a traditional matrix where you have to fill boards to get paid.

The bigger your genealogy grows THE better because that means a lot more upgrade payments going straight into your payment processors of choice.

You get paid instantly and directly when people join you or you receive spillover from your upline.

The First Stage Has Levels 1 to Level 5 Second stage has Levels 6 to 10 You can only have 4 personal or direct referrals, any additional referrals you bring in will spill down to your 4 referrals.

This new unique system will make UGI very attractive and extremely lucrative for both, the sponsor and the referrals.

Level 1 has 1 group with 4 members cost is $10

Level 2, 4 groups, 4 members per group, a total of 16 members cost is $20

Level 3, 16 groups, 4 members per group, a total of 64 member cost is $50

Level 4, 64 groups, 4 members per group, a total of 256 members cost is $100

Level 5, 256 groups, 4 members per group, a total of 1024 members cost is $150

ALL Spillover members you may receive will be placed in your Levels and in your genealogy and will be listed as your personal referrals for life, regardless of who brought them into the program.

The spillover starts after you have 4 personal referrals.

The system uses a rotator to handle the spillover, example: once you have your 4 referrals then your referral #5 gets placed under your referral #1, providing # 1 has a position available.

Then your referral #6 goes under your referral #2 then under #3 and under #4 and then the system starts placing your additional referrals you bring into the program under # 1, # 2, #3 and # 4 again until all 4 have their 4, then the system starts placing your additional referrals under your Level 2 referrals (Second level) and so on down to Level 10.

Your additional referrals beyond your first 4 referrals are second level to you and will be placed in your Levels starting with Level 2 and as your Level 2 fills up the system will start placing them under your second Level referrals and those will be in your Level 3 as 3rd generation referrals to you and so on all the way to Level 10 so as you keep referring people your income will skyrocket very quickly.

There is going to be a whole lot more to this system then what you have seen so far.

The system will have an E-shop for the company and the members to sell top quality products and earn commissions on every sale; all shipments or products will be carried out by the products providers.

Understanding the Importance of Upgrading to Higher Levels.

Level 1 is NOT intended as big money maker, it's designed to be a very powerful list or genealogy builder with a break even, "Your money back" and a position in Level 2 with your initial $10 out of pocket

ALL 10 Level Upgrades are 100% optional
Let's be very clear on this important aspect of the money making possibility.

You will NOT receive any upgrade payments from any level your referrals upgrade to unless you have upgraded to those higher levels "First"

Example: "You" only upgraded in level 1 so when your 4 referrals upgrade to level 2, all 4 upgrade payments of $20 will pass-up to your "Sponsor", now if "You" upgraded to Level 2 "You" will get 3 of the 4 $20 upgrade payments from Level 1 referrals when they upgrade to Level 2 and only ONE $20 upgrade payments will pass-up to your sponsor, and the same happens to "You" in all higher Levels, "You" MUST have upgraded to receive upgrade payments in any particular level "Before" "Your" referrals upgrade.

UGI Comp Plan, 10 levels Ranging From $10 to $1000

Each level has 10 sub-levels or (Tiers) representing your downline generation genealogy


sub-level 1: Your personal or direct referrals, (Can also be spillover)

Sub-level 2: Your 2nd generation referrals, (Can also be spillover)

Sub-level 3: Your 3rd generation referrals, (Can also be spillover)

Sub-level 4: Your 4th generation referrals, (Can also be spillover)

Sub-level 5: Your 5th generation referrals, (Can also be spillover)

And so on down to sub-level 10.

The amount figures in the comp plan below includes upgrades to the next level.

The figures amounts are as an example of what you could make but is in no way guaranteed.

Level 1: Entry $10. You receive $40, less $10 pass-up to your sponsor Less $20 for upgrading to level 2, less $10 for your Level 1, leaves you $10 Net

Level 2: Entry $20. Receive $240, less $50 for your Level 3 upgrade, less $20 for Level 2, leaves $170, plus $80 in pass-ups from referrals that leaves you $250 Net.

Level 3: Entry $50. Receive $2,450 less $100 for your Level 4 upgrade, less $50 for Level 3, leaves $2350 plus $800 in pass-ups from your referrals leaves you $3,150 Net.

Level 4: $100. Receive $19,200 less $150 for your Level 4 upgrade, less $ 100 for Level 4. leaves $18,950 + $6,400 in Pass-ups from downline that leaves you $25,350 Net.

Level 5: $150. Receive $115,200 less $200 for Level 6- $ 150 Level 5, leaves $114.850 + $38,400 in Pass-ups from downline that leaves you $153,250 Net.

Please note: The following details may be slightly modified and are not final as the company is still in pre-launch and fine-tuning things.

Check it by clicking here


You can get what you want if you would help as many people get what they want too. Who said something like that? Anyway it's true of the businesses we are doing. Please check this:

In the dollarflowsystem, You invest between $10 and $1000 and watch your earnings grow daily as it is traded with. Absolutely no sponsoring required. No advertising. Traders do all the work for you. You can check your daily earnings in your back office and withdraw daily too or wait till all your savings have been traded with. Then withdraw and reinvest.

How It Works?

- The system is fully automatic. You would not be asked for your personal data throughout the Sign Up procedure. The entire registration process is very simple; you will have to fill out some basic information on required fields. To begin, simply click on the Sign Up “Register Icon” on our Web-site's Home Page and follow the instruction. Once registered, go to Profile to fill Payments’ Processors data requirements.

- After having your account Registered and Confirmed, you MUST make an investment between $10, 00 & $10.000, 00 (US), then, your account will be activated automatically right away. The amount invested will be posted as a new position in the DFS system. The member’s name goes to the group of investors and you start profiting about 0.5 % to 5.0 % of the daily profit, according to their performance in Forex and variation of Stock Market. When the member’s Principal Investment reaches 100 % profit, his account will expire and the profit will be sent automatically to his chosen Payment’s Processor.

- Remember: you can manually request withdrawal of your profit at any time before your investment matures, as long as you have US$1.0 or Plus of a profit balance in your account.

- E.G.: You invested US$1,000.00. It will generate daily profit until this position reaches 100 % of your Principal Investment. The total amount will reach US$2.000. 00 and will be sent to your account.

Sounds delicious?

Here is the link:  Here is the link

Yours in wealth creation,
Akoli Penoukou
FM satisifed affiliate

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Want to know more about GDI? Watch these videos

Your guide to GDI’s payments and commissions:

A complete tour of GDI bonuses :

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Work from anywhere with GDI

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Three ways to build a website with GDI

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Interested? Click here to sign up now!

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Aweber Video Ads

Use one of our promotional video / web banner combos to help boost your commissions.

                       Why Emailers Heart AWeber (& You Will Too)

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Automate Your Email Marketing with AWeber

Video of Wise Sayings or Great Quotes

Do you love the sayings of Aristotle, Mark Twain, the Dalai-Lama, Eleanor Roosevelt, Napoleon Hill and others?

If yes, here is quite a serving-60 of them on this video I made and posted on You Tube. Enjoy and above all kindly SHARE!

 Watch the inspirational video now

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Staged for Google, Youtube, Twitter, etc. (Share videos. Make money)

Welcome to Staged folks!

Staged is the new craze on the web!

Now, how come Staged is quickly becoming a dominant force in the Online Home Business arena and this product is taking over the Viral Marketing community with thousands of people from all over the world using it? 

Simply because Staged works, and works wonderfully. So welcome to Staged.

You are definitely in the right place at the right time!

The Staged.com system has the power to explode your Internet traffic, thus building massive, lucrative mailing lists, and generating huge residual incomes for people in just days. Yes, you heard right. In just days. The system is so effective yet it’s amazingly simple to use. Just point, click, online, making money! It’s that fast.

The people at Staged are not about hyped up promises, believe me. They are not the typical program that crashes out of the woodwork with gigantic promises and then a few months later you don’t hear a peep from them or even about them. Staged is different. Staged is REAL.

What makes Staged so appealing is that if is all about offering people an amazingly simple solution for making more money by using their system to ride the coat tails of Google, Youtube, Twitter and a few other mega sites on the Internet. Yeah, that’s it. It's that simple. And is it user-friendly? Of course! No experience is required to use it. No fancy stuffs to install. No long stories to go through to master it. Just watch short videos to learn a little bit more about what you have been doing already. The video only adds on what you already know so that you can be up and running in minutes and earning in days. 

You can even embed 2 affiliate links and 1 text ad into each video and share it. Then watch your effort go viral. The sweetness of the pudding is in the eating. 

So what are you waiting for?

Check a video of a stage of mine 

Quick click here to get started now!