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THOUGHT OF THE DAY-30th June 2013

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as if everything is.” – Albert Einstein

Links to join the 4 affiliate network companies

1. ClickbankSince 1998, ClickBank has helped tens of thousands of people gain more financial control and freedom by turning their knowledge, passions, hobbies, and work experiences into an additional source of ongoing income.
Through ClickBank’s innovative online platform, these infopreneurs receive the tools, training, and access to a global network of over 100,000 affiliate marketers so they can profitably market unique and useful information products to niche audiences all around the world.Source:
While traditional publishers focus on one-time book sales, we leverage a far more effective business model for monetizing information—one that enables repeat sales over time, across the broadest range of content delivery options and form-factors available today.And because changing lives for the better is highly addictive, our team is passionate about sharing this unique opportunity with the world and helping hundreds of thousands of people become succ…

Blog to do Business

Part one: Blog to do business with companies selling physical or digital products
What’s a blog? Primarily a blog is a website on which articles are constantly posted to be consumed by web visitors. With time it also became a means to earn money from the internet.
How to create a profitable or successful blog A business blog can be created free at Blogger or WordPress. It can be made successful with:
a) The look
The blogging programs offer various templates and features. The templates propose colours to suit individual layouts and the layouts let you select the templates which best satisfy your needs.
b) The content
To blog for business you need traffic (visitors, readers) to your site. Choose a good company to promote and keep adding posts about new products they offer, and redirect visitors to the company’s Website through your affiliate pay code promotion link. Once that person visits the site, you make money.
So, post content on the companies you want to promote and which are going to p…

THOUGHT OF THE DAY - 29th June 2013

"There's no scarcity of opportunity to make a living at what you love. There is only a scarcity of resolve to make it happen. " -Wayne Dyer

Thirty-five Things You Can Get or Do Blogging - Part three

Today I conclude the preliminary parts of this discussion with the last eleven points which will touch on remaking one’s life, trading “job” (just over broke) for “yob” (your own business), saving, investing, buying a house or land, overcoming frustration at seeing others get ahead faster than oneself, avoiding being stuck in a dead-end job, avoiding being passed over for wage increases or promotions, having job security, avoiding embarrassment about one’s job, avoiding worry about the future in general, satisfying your desire to do better, about what steps to take, and mastering computers or other technology.
25. Blog to remake your life
I’ve already talked about some highly successful bloggers today who remade their lives through blogging. Yes, if you stick with it, a blog can help you earn money from the internet.
26. Blog to trade being “job” (just over broke) for “yob” (your own business)
Yes, many workers are assailed by financial difficulties from all corners. One of the surest way…

Qunu, muré dans le silence, refuse d'évoquer la mort de Mandela | - le premier site d'information et d'actualité sur l'Afrique

THOUGHT OF THE DAY - 28th June 2013

"There's no scarcity of opportunity to make a living at what you love. There is only a scarcity of resolve to make it happen. " -Wayne Dyer

Thirty-five Things You Can Get or Do Blogging - Part two

Continuing yesterday’s introduction to the topic, let’s consider twelve other issues such as worries about retirement, unemployment or underemployment, insufficient income, worries about paychecks and the economy, coming out of indebtedness, restoring self-esteem, contributing to the community, getting tax deductions, making household savings, selling out your blog, and having an Internet home business.

13. Blog to lose your worries in retirement or about going on retirement
In recent surveys more than 25% of workers and retirees say they have less than $1,000 saved for their "golden years". A money-making blog can help beat this worrisome situation.
14. Blog to quit unemployment or underemployment
I know some highly successful bloggers today who embraced blogging when laid off and others who did so because their jobs were not bringing them any satisfaction at all.
15. Blog to add to your insufficient income
A money-making blog can bring in supplementary income to help the money…

THOUGHT OF THE DAY-27th June 2013

"My greatest achievement was getting my family involved in my business" ― Warren Buffett

Thirty-five Things You Can Get or Do Blogging

In this three-part article, I am going to look at thirty-five actions you can accomplish if you blog. I will just touch on the titles and a hint of what I may cover in each:
Part one
This part covers the areas of business, writing, teaching, meeting people and making friends, satisfying needs, achieving financial success, traveling around the world, working at one’s own pace, having flexible working hours, having more fun for oneself, spending more time with the family, and allying talents and hobbies.
1. Blog to do business
On a blog one can do affiliate marketing which allows a blog owner to offer their visitors physical and digital products from well-established companies.
2. Blog to exercise your writing talents 
It is a fact that the more you write the better writer you become. And a blogger must post at least once daily to their blogs. So you see the cause and effect relationship?
3. Blog to teach 
Visitors come to a blog to learn something. The blogger therefore becomes a teacher and…

THOUGHT OF THE DAY-26th June 2013


THOUGHT OF THE DAY-25th June 2013


--The Cheshire Cat in 'Alice In Wonderland'

Why do people blog?

People blog for many reasons. In my articles “Fourteen Reasons why you should Engage in an Internet Business” and “Exercise your Talents and Hobbies Blogging,” most of the factors I listed could also be true for why people blog. But personally three of the professions I exercise brought me to blogging. These are writing, teaching and doing business.
Doing business
This is probably the main reason why I adopted blogging. Last year (2012), I began looking for an opportunity to do something other than teaching. So I cast around for ways to revive my business which was in a coma since when I lost everything in the wake of my country’s socio-economic crisis some years ago. In a google search, I fell on a company which promised to train people to create a free blog and monetize it. I was far from looking for something like a blog to open the door to a solid financial future. But three perceptions about the offer hooked me. The first was learning that one could use a blog to do business online…

THOUGHT OF THE DAY-24th June 2013

Dear valued visitor,
Beginning from today, after each blog post I’ll be giving you a thought for the day. Today’s thought for the day is a poem:
When you get what you want in your struggle for self And the world makes you king for a day, Then go to the mirror and look at yourself And see what the guy has to say.
For it isn’t your mother, your father or wife Whose judgement on you must pass. The fellow whose verdict counts most in your life Is the guy staring back from the glass.
He’s the fellow to please, never mind all the rest. For he’s with you clean to the end; And you’ve passed your most dangerous and difficult test If the guy in the glass is your friend.
You may be like Jack Homer and chisel a plum And think you are a wonderful guy, But the guy in the glass says you are a bum If you can’t look him straight in the eye.
You may fool the whole world— down the pathway of years And get pats on the back as you pass; But the final reward will be heartaches and tears IF YOU’VE CHEATED THE…

Seven Easy Steps to Plan Articles that Attract Readers

Do you want to write an article that attract people and which they will read avidly and come back for more?

If yes, then take the following steps in planning your articles.
Step 1: Look for ideas Ideas are everywhere. But not all ideas are good to be used for writing articles. Good article ideas can be got from online articles and forums; blog posts; post and article comments; newspaper articles and editorials; Internet news; TV news, commentaries, and interviews. These are the places where people often express their most pressing preoccupations. But don’t forget to google the topic too. The search results will return many possibilities.
Step 2: Test your idea Ask yourself: do I feel excited about this topic? If the idea makes you feel like pounding the keyboard right now, chances are that other people would be passionate about it too. Besides, the enthusiasm will fuel your impetus to see you through writing the article.
Step 3: Look for an eye-catching title If you are reading this arti…

Sports risqués

Exercise Your Talents and Hobbies Blogging

Are you a writer and a businessperson and do you love to travel? Or, are you interested in associating writing, doing business, travelling, and others?

Then blogging is for you.

Now, how can blogging enable one to combine one's talents and hobbies?


Blogging is primarily posting articles on a particular subject online. It is your ability to write well, regularly and on a wide gamut of the same subject that will make people keen on coming back to visit your blog. So if you want to blog and you can write, you have a head start. But if such is not the case, you can learn to acquire strong writing skills.

Sharing ideas
Blogging began when people shared their thoughts online with family members from whom they were separated. As people love to read personal experiences, those writings soon gained notoriety. You as a blogger must also have or cultivate the gift of sharing interesting and important ideas with people online. If you are genuine and sincere,…

Découvrez les plus belles villas de stars (Partie II)

What does a blog mean to you?

Last year August, I was for the umpteenth time looking for a meaning to my dreary life.
I have had a university education; I have been working for sometime (of course, the pay was terrible and in Africa of all places!); I had learnt to write and had published a few pieces at home and in America; I had dabbled a bit in commerce; I had read and practised the secret visualization techniques; short, I had tried things which get people out of the rut. But my life seemed to be glued down there in the ‘gutter’.
The internet which had made the likes of Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook fame and ordinary marketers rich seemed to be my last hope. But search after search I had done on google had not returned the alibaba cave. I had almost given up entirely when, touching the bottom of despair, I did an ultimate search and chanced upon a firm’s ad to help people build blogs from which they could make money.
I was familiar with other websites but not blogs. I had built websites for my company and for myse…

Profile suspension on google+

Towards the end of last year, I think in October, my google+ profile was suspended and so I couldn’t get access to my blogger blog.
This lasted until about two weeks ago (a suspension of several months!) when I managed to submit an appeal and won. It was then I knew that I had been suspended because google thought my name ‘Akoli’ wasn’t real.
Before that I had been guessing what I had done wrong and kept on modifying my profile (as that was what google had asked for to get my profile back) without any success. It came to a time I even abandoned my blog.
But until a few weeks ago and on inspiration, I decided to search on google how to get my suspension lifted. Then I got this link:
on the site:!topic/gmail/NJprdTrqdaI, submitted my appeal and received a message confirming that my profile was in conformity with google’s community rules, which means tha…