Why do people blog?

People blog for many reasons. In my articles “Fourteen Reasons why you should Engage in an Internet Business” and “Exercise your Talents and Hobbies Blogging,” most of the factors I listed could also be true for why people blog. But personally three of the professions I exercise brought me to blogging. These are writing, teaching and doing business.

Doing business
This is probably the main reason why I adopted blogging. Last year (2012), I began looking for an opportunity to do something other than teaching. So I cast around for ways to revive my business which was in a coma since when I lost everything in the wake of my country’s socio-economic crisis some years ago. In a google search, I fell on a company which promised to train people to create a free blog and monetize it. I was far from looking for something like a blog to open the door to a solid financial future. But three perceptions about the offer hooked me. The first was learning that one could use a blog to do business online and earn well too.

The second was the opportunity to offer my writing to a large audience and in a publisher-friendly environment.

In fact, I had learned to write stories and articles for children, adolescents, teenagers and adults from prestigious institutes. I have had stories and articles published in newspapers and magazines and online journals. But I found the rate of acceptance too slow. The situation was worse with book-length works. So when blogs beckoned to let me publish easily, naturally I jumped at the idea. (Publishing acts like a catalyst making one produce more. And the more one writes the more proficient one becomes. And here was the opportunity!)

Maybe the reasons above could have been enough to let me embrace blogging but the possibility to let me continue my passion for teaching reinforced the attraction to blogs. Which good blog article does not teach the blog visitors something? And what bigger satisfaction does a teacher receive than that of having added to the knowledge base of a person? Therefore the fact that I could continue adding to people’s information store made blogging hold my attention.

No doubt, with these three factors I knew that I had found my new love.

Curious to know other people’s motivation for blogging, I found the following in addition to the three discussed above:

1. To meet people online and make friends
2. To satisfy people’s needs
3. To achieve financial success
4. To travel around the world
5. To work at one’s own pace / To have flexible working hours / To have more time for
6. To spend more time with the family
7. To ally talents and hobbies
8. To lose one’s worries in retirement or about going on retirement

9. To quit unemployment or underemployment
10. To add to one’s insufficient income / To lose one’s worries about one’s paycheck
11. To lose one’s worries about the economy
12. To wipe out one’s debt
13. To look for self-esteem
14. To contribute to one’s community
15. To benefit from large tax deductions
16. To make household savings
17. To have a business one can sell out profitably tomorrow
18. To have an Internet home business
19. To remake one’s life
20. To trade being “job” (just over broke) for “yob” (your own business).

And you, why do you blog or would want to? Let the world hear your great story right here. Thanks.

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