Article Writing Is a Traffic Booster and a Money Maker

You are a blogger and you want to increase traffic to your website as well as promote the products and services you are marketing on it. What could be the easiest, the cheapest and maybe the best way to do it?

Article writing.

Article writing boosts traffic
Write articles relating to your website's theme and submit them to free content article publishing sites. Millions of people visit those sites each day to read articles. If they find yours interesting and the resource box accompanying your article attractive, they will click on the link to your website. This brings them to your website and that, of course, leads to a surge in the site's traffic.

Article writing makes your site popular
Webmasters hungry for content roam article sites looking for quality articles. If yours hook them, they will publish it on their sites. And their readers too may decide to visit your blog.

As you publish more and more articles, and as these appear more and more frequently on many websites, the total number of links to your website increases dramatically. And the more readers visit your site the more popular your blog becomes.

Article writing boosts your sales
An article's resource box also contains links or references to products and/or services you are promoting on your blog. This is a form of sales pitch, not only informing readers about what you have to offer but also inviting them to check it. When enticed, readers click on the links to have a look at the products and/or services.

Some of these visitors already have specific needs. The chances are therefore great that if they find what they need, their visit to your site will convert them into clients.
Others however may not yet have made up their minds to buy anything. But it is an established fact that people need to see something for about five times before they decide to take action on it. The more your articles attract the visitor just browsing through your blog to come back to visit, the more they see your offers. And therefore the more the chances are that one day they will decide to give your offer a try. Little wonder that many webmasters now rely more on article writing than any other form of website promotion to earn money from the internet.

Article writing increases your income
Man people now make their purchases online. The more people buy from your blog the more money you make on the internet. No wonder that through article writing many bloggers have witnessed their online earnings explode two, threefold and even more, enabling them to gain good money online.

Article writing improves your search engine results
Major search engines place much significance on incoming links to a website to determine its importance. The more articles you publish, the more incoming links you obtain to your blog. And the more incoming links your blog gets, the more the search engines will value it. This then will increase your website's placement in the search results.

Know that search engines do not just index the websites; they also index the contents of published articles. Therefore write articles touching on your website's topic. Besides, cleverly sprinkle your blog's keywords throughout the article. Many people look for a particular item on the web through internet searches. If you did write on your blog's theme and seamlessly integrated the keywords and someone searches for a topic you have written about, the list of results will display your site and even the articles that you have written. This is how article writing improves your search engine results and enables people to easily find your site and articles through web searches.

Article writing boosts your expert author status
The more articles you publish on a particular site the more your status as an author rises on that site. Moreover, since articles are distributed to many other article publishing sites, your fame rapidly spreads among internet article users.

It is not even uncommon for an author to receive mails from readers asking for more information or advice on a particular topic.

So if you want to increase your blog traffic, make your site popular, augment your sales, make more money on the internet, raise your search engine results, boost your expert author status, and promote the products and services you are marketing, write articles.
To create a blog check for resources as blogger and wordpress (free platforms), hostgator, godady, bluehost, (paid platforms). For other ways to increase website popularity, check web directories, search engines, social networking sites and advertising media. For things to sell, get links to online advertisers (affiliate network companies, taking surveys at home, getting paid to read emails, web hosting, conceptual ads, getting free stuff, etc).

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