Exercise Your Talents and Hobbies Blogging

Are you a writer and a businessperson and do you love to travel? Or, are you interested in associating writing, doing business, travelling, and others?

Then blogging is for you.

Now, how can blogging enable one to combine one's talents and hobbies?


Blogging is primarily posting articles on a particular subject online. It is your ability to write well, regularly and on a wide gamut of the same subject that will make people keen on coming back to visit your blog. So if you want to blog and you can write, you have a head start. But if such is not the case, you can learn to acquire strong writing skills.

Sharing ideas
Blogging began when people shared their thoughts online with family members from whom they were separated. As people love to read personal experiences, those writings soon gained notoriety. You as a blogger must also have or cultivate the gift of sharing interesting and important ideas with people online. If you are genuine and sincere, you will soon have a large following.

Doing business
As many people began to follow blogs, it soon dawned on bloggers and companies that they could sell on the net. Thus, making money on the internet came into being. If you have the faculty to sell, an online store in this era of home shopping is your best bet to earn money.

Satisfying needs
Blog articles quench the thirst for reading. Being free and online-and hence can be consulted right in the comfort of one's home-contributed immensely to the popularity of blogs. Besides, the democratisation and diversification of the offer (the writings were no longer from a small group of journalists and writers but from many people) made it more appealing.

Marketing products and services online allowed people to buy and pay online and also have the products delivered to their homes. This suits the modern shopper with lesser and lesser time on their hands.
A blogger helps the exploding retiree population and the mounting unemployed to survive the difficult times. No longer do a shrunk income and the disappeared one deprive one of some essential stuff. Blogs offer freebies, from free product samples, free magazines and ebooks, free money from the government, clicking sites to get paid, taking surveys at home, to reading emails for cash.

Meeting people online and in person and making friends
What will a blog be if people don't visit it and especially if they don't engage with the blogger? Just an anonymous journal online. Fortunately many means are at the disposal of the blogger to help him reach out to people and they to stick with him.

If a blogger blogs well, consistently and keenly promotes their blogs, they will soon see traffic (visitors). Some of them will become avid readers, subscribers or followers of the blog. Since they will be commenting on the blog posts, the blogger will have to answer their queries, etc. Soon a certain camaraderie results and some of the visitors invariably become friends.

One other powerful means to socialize is through the social media. Some of them are Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn. To link up with members of these sites whose profiles interest the blogger, the latter sends the former friend requests. Once confirmed or accepted, a link is created. Through the exchange of messages, true friendship soon results.

Since online offers help people to find what they need just at a mouse click away, they become the bloggers' regular customers. Online selling through blogs is akin to the day of the individual storeowner who knew each customer and fraternized with them. The advantage of online selling is that the blogger can have business dealings with the buyers while being on friendly terms with them. And like in the olden days, this connection overrides business and becomes personal.

Successful bloggers earn a lot online and often live the kind of lifestyle only very few people dream about. This includes spending more time with the family, dedicating time to learning or to a hobby, going on a vacation as much as they want or simply travelling around the world most of the year. Their business being online, bloggers have the time to go around; they can also manage it from anywhere in the world where there is an internet connection.

A blogger often does not travel to faraway places as a tourist. The friends from all walks of life and all corners of the earth they have made online eagerly welcome them at the airport like old friends and make them feel quickly at home.

So if you love to write, share ideas, do business, satisfy needs, meet people and make friends, and are an avid traveller, then blog to put these talents and hobbies into practice.

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