Twenty Reasons why some People blog

People blog for various reasons. Below are twenty of them:

1. To meet people online and make friends
Through his blog and social media like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest and others, the blogger meets a large number of people with whom they establish friendships.

2. To satisfy people’s needs
People visit blogs to consume articles and buy products. The blogger satisfies these visitors to his blog by sharing ideas with them and offering them products online.

3. To achieve financial success
The rise of money-making blogs and the recourse to online buying enable bloggers to become financially successful.

4. To travel around the world
The income stream the blogger makes from their online business enable them to travel frequently and their friends scattered all over the world pull them to all corners of the world.

5. To work at one’s own pace / To have flexible working hours / To have more time for oneself
A blogger is accountable only to themselves. Hence they are not tied by he 9 by 5 work schedule. Besides, they are their own boss. So they are free to fix their working hours and work at their own pace. Of course, the growth of the blog may bring pressures to satisfy the demands of the visitors. But even in this case the blogger can employ people to help them and thus have more time for themselves or to satisfy their needs.

6. To spend more time with the family
The ability to fix one’s working hours can enable the blogger dedicate more time to their family.

7. To ally talents and hobbies
I said in an article that blogging enabled me to exercise at the same time my talents for writing, teaching and doing business, not forgetting hobbies like making friends and travelling.

8. To lose one’s worries in retirement or about going on retirement
The U.S. Social Security Board affirms that 85 out of 100 Americans reaching the retiring age of 65 don't have as much as $250. Worse, only 2% of them are self-sustaining. This is reason enough for anybody to be worried. A retiree coming to blogging is doing so to avoid those worries. For a retiree-to-be, this is a way of not working for 40 years or more to retire on 40% of an insufficient pay in the first place.

9. To quit unemployment or underemployment
With economic meltdown, millions of people find themselves out of work or in part-time jobs. Embracing blogging is the sure way to escape those traps. 

10. To add to one’s insufficient income / To lose one’s worries about one’s paycheck
Many workers don’t have enough money in their pocket and especially in the bank. Such people could come to blogging to add a second paycheck which could create an immediate supplemental income stream for them.

Living payday to payday can make people concerned about life’s unexpected twists. Having a blog bringing in some money can make such worries vanish.

11. To lose one’s worries about the economy
Worrying about the bad economy is not a solution to anyone’s problem. The answer lies in taking action. That is why some people tossed about by the rough economy decided to blog to survive.

12. To wipe out one’s debt
Some successful bloggers have recounted how being burdened by debt brought them to blogging to wipe out their financial worries.
13. To look for self-esteem
Having no work and no or not enough money can lead to the loss of self-esteem. Some people have solved this by having an income-generating internet home business like a blog.

14. To contribute to one’s community
Blog owners pay taxes and when their businesses become very successful (like Facebook, Google, Twitter, Youtube, etc.), they employ many people, thus contributing to lowering the unemployment rate in the community. In the name of their social responsibility to the community, they may also engage in benevolent activities.

15. To benefit from large tax deductions
Like all home businesses, blog owners are also eligible for large tax deductions. This money can be used for personal development, for the family’s welfare, for reinvesting in the business and, and why not, for contributing to the welfare of the community.

16. To make household savings
A blogger works at home and this does not call for commuting, expensive wardrobes and eating out at expensive convenience foods and restaurants. This will result in savings for the family.

17. To have a business one can sell out profitably tomorrow
Many may not start a blog with the idea to selling it one day. But as many successful bloggers have found out, the succulent offers made them were too irresistible to keep hanging on to their blogs.

18. To have an Internet home business
Working at home is somewhat becoming a fad these days. A blog is a way for one to have a home business.

19. To remake one’s life
A popular blogger was on kidney transplant and social dole outs when he became a blogger. Another was laid off on suffering a casualty in the mine. Both came to blogging to remake their lives. The first went off social help in eleven months; the second is also now very successful. So, thanks to blogging, they are the better off today.

20. To trade being “job” (just over broke) for “yob” (your own business)
Many people are not satisfied with their jobs. The only thing to do is to create a blog and embrace a “yob” (your own business).

Now, did you find above the reasons why you blog or want to? If not, why don’t you tell the world your story right on this blog’s comment section?

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