Profile suspension on google+

Towards the end of last year, I think in October, my google+ profile was suspended and so I couldn’t get access to my blogger blog.

This lasted until about two weeks ago (a suspension of several months!) when I managed to submit an appeal and won. It was then I knew that I had been suspended because google thought my name ‘Akoli’ wasn’t real.

Before that I had been guessing what I had done wrong and kept on modifying my profile (as that was what google had asked for to get my profile back) without any success. It came to a time I even abandoned my blog.

But until a few weeks ago and on inspiration, I decided to search on google how to get my suspension lifted. Then I got this link:

on the site:!topic/gmail/NJprdTrqdaI, submitted my appeal and received a message confirming that my profile was in conformity with google’s community rules, which means that it was in no way breaking those rules. But the harm had been done with blog with months of unnecessary suspension. Read!topic/gmail/NJprdTrqdaI, to see other people’s harrowing experiences.

Have you also gone through this crazy experience? Why don’t you tell your story right here on this blog?

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