Thirty-five Things You Can Get or Do Blogging

In this three-part article, I am going to look at thirty-five actions you can accomplish if you blog. I will just touch on the titles and a hint of what I may cover in each:

Part one

This part covers the areas of business, writing, teaching, meeting people and making friends, satisfying needs, achieving financial success, traveling around the world, working at one’s own pace, having flexible working hours, having more fun for oneself, spending more time with the family, and allying talents and hobbies.

1. Blog to do business
On a blog one can do affiliate marketing which allows a blog owner to offer their visitors physical and digital products from well-established companies.

2. Blog to exercise your writing talents 
It is a fact that the more you write the better writer you become. And a blogger must post at least once daily to their blogs. So you see the cause and effect relationship?

3. Blog to teach 
Visitors come to a blog to learn something. The blogger therefore becomes a teacher and his blog a virtual classroom. That’s why there are as many blog topics out there as tastes.

4. Blog to meet people online and make friends
By answering their comments or sending them newsletters a blogger interacts with their visitors. Some of these people end up becoming online friends and real-life ones too.

5. Blog to satisfy people’s needs 
People come to blogs to satisfy essentially the desire for information and the convenience of shopping online. The blogger satisfies both through his postings and offers.

6. Blog to achieve financial success 
Recognizing blog visitors as potential customers and clients, many bloggers  have monetized their sites and this has brought them financial success.

7. Blog to travel around the world
A popular blog is visited by people from all corners of the earth. Their interaction with the blogger can lead to lasting relationships which has enabled successful ones to travel widely.

8. Blog to work at your own pace
Do you want to work as fast and as slow you want?  This is only practicable with a home business like a blog where there is no boss looking over your shoulder.

9. Blog to have flexible working hours
Do you want to start work when you want, take a break when you feel like it and call it a day when you wish? This is also only possible with your own special home business: a blog.

10. Blog to have more time for yourself 
Anybody who wants more time for themselves must embrace a home business. A blog is so much fun that it doesn’t even feel like work, giving you the feeling of not being occupied.

11. Blog to spend more time with your family 
Home is where the family is. And your blog business is at home. Forcibly you can spend more time with your spouse and kids and pets.

12. Blog to ally talents and hobbies
I have already covered this in the blog post “Exercise Your Talents and Hobbies Blogging”. Check it here:

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