Blog to do Business

Part one: Blog to do business with companies selling physical or digital products

What’s a blog?
Primarily a blog is a website on which articles are constantly posted to be consumed by web visitors. With time it also became a means to earn money from the internet.

How to create a profitable or successful blog
A business blog can be created free at Blogger or WordPress. It can be made successful with:

a) The look
The blogging programs offer various templates and features. The templates propose colours to suit individual layouts and the layouts let you select the templates which best satisfy your needs.

b) The content
To blog for business you need traffic (visitors, readers) to your site. Choose a good company to promote and keep adding posts about new products they offer, and redirect visitors to the company’s Website through your affiliate pay code promotion link. Once that person visits the site, you make money.

So, post content on the companies you want to promote and which are going to pay you to place their links on your blog. The more content you have on your blog, the more successful it will be as they have more chances of catching the eye of someone searching for a related topic on the search engines which will also index and rank your blog in a way that will assure it success.

c) Consider your audience
Make your blog posts relevant to your readers’ needs. This will get them to click on your affiliate pay code promotion links.

d) Make your blog interactive
Do this with video or audio clips. If you place some movie video trailers on your blog, write a call-to-action, like, "Click here to check it out at … “ (Add the company’s website with your affiliate pay code promotion link embedded in it).

Also include a comments or a feedbacks section. This will allow visitors leave you their impressions or reactions.

e) Make your articles light and short             
Make your blog posts short, simple and interesting. There is no sure way to scare off readers than lengthy boring articles.
f) Be social
Comment on other blogs and invite other bloggers to do the same on yours. This will help provide content and links to other blogs which will help your search engine status. It will also help build up your popularity with other bloggers.

g) Update your blog posts often
Keep your blog updated at least three times a week. Respond to your visitors’ posts. That’s where the interaction will come from.

h) The Ads

You can earn money on the internet advertising on your blogs. But don’t overlade your blog with ads as that will surely drive off visitors. So strike a good balance between ads and content.

Although there are many affiliate network companies, choosing just PayDotCom, ClickBank, Commission Junction, and LinkShare will give you access to over 30,000 companies whose ad links you can place on your blog.

i) Research the companies you want to work with
After choosing the company you want to work with, do a little research on it by visiting their Websites. Look for some good selling points, special offers, bonuses, guarantees, coupons, sales points, testimonials, etc. and take down notes to use in your posts.

j) Services provided by the companies
The affiliate network companies take care of all the administrative aspects of your pay, tracking, and the companies you work with. You can login at will to check on your current earnings, select the companies you would like to promote, contact any of them, and get the affiliate pay code promotion links to post to your blog(s).

Most affiliate companies are totally free to join. They will assign you a special "AFFILIATE PAY CODE PROMOTION LINK" to promote on your blog. The link will track all of your earnings coming from visitors clicking them on your blog.

k) How do you earn?
You get money online with these companies in three ways: a commission on what your links bring in, the leads of prospective buyers from your blog, and for click on their links on your Website.

- Commissions
Affiliate companies may be willing to pay you 70% commission of a sale from your blog. With digital products you sometimes make more money than the seller just for posting their affiliate pay code promotion links to your blog.

- Leads
If someone visits a company’s Website you are marketing on your blog, and signs up for a newsletter, or free trial, etc., that is a lead and you get paid for it. This may range from $1.00 up to $10.00 and this, without the person purchasing anything. This is a great money maker since people love free information and free trials.

- Clicks
Google Adsense, BidVertiser and other companies listed promoted by affiliate companies will pay you when someone simply clicks on their contextual ads placed on your blog. This does not need sign ups, purchases, etc. You get .05 cents to $.80 cents per click.

l) When do you get paid by the affiliate administrators?
That depends on each account, and varies from twice a month on the 1st and 15th, to once a month. Payment is effected with mailed check, direct deposit, or PayPal.

Aren’t you now tempted to create a blog to do business with companies selling physical or digital products?


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