Thirty-five Things You Can Get or Do Blogging - Part two

Continuing yesterday’s introduction to the topic, let’s consider twelve other issues such as worries about retirement, unemployment or underemployment, insufficient income, worries about paychecks and the economy, coming out of indebtedness, restoring self-esteem, contributing to the community, getting tax deductions, making household savings, selling out your blog, and having an Internet home business.

13. Blog to lose your worries in retirement or about going on retirement
In recent surveys more than 25% of workers and retirees say they have less than $1,000 saved for their "golden years". A money-making blog can help beat this worrisome situation.

14. Blog to quit unemployment or underemployment
I know some highly successful bloggers today who embraced blogging when laid off and others who did so because their jobs were not bringing them any satisfaction at all.

15. Blog to add to your insufficient income
A money-making blog can bring in supplementary income to help the money-strapped person make ends meet. Nothing more than Adsense (a contextual ad) can be a money maker.

16. Blog to lose your worries about your paycheck
Living from paycheck to paycheck and even the inability to do so can be a source of great worry to workers. The solution to stop the fretting can be a blog to gain money online.
17. Blog to lose your worries about the economy
The present economic doldrums is causing concern among many workers who dread an uncertain future. Blogging, as a means to make money on the internet, can solve the worries.

18. Blog to wipe out your debt
Debts overwhelm workers from all sorts of sources: bank loans, credit cards, etc. To come out of the cul-de-sac, one just needs to find out how to win money on the internet with a blog.

19. Blog to restore your self-esteem
Dead-end jobs and lack of money have made many workers lose their self-esteem. What many don’t realize is that there is a way to win money on the internet: running a blog.

20. Blog to contribute to your community
Our communities need all the help they can get to remain livable, crime-free and humane. This calls for money. Who best to supply it than someone who can easily gain money online?

21. Blog to benefit from large tax deductions
Home businesses are eligible for tax breaks. A blog, being a home business, is no exception. To avoid crippling and rising taxes, the choice therefore is clear.
22. Blog to make household savings 
A blogger works mainly at home. Hence they avoid commuting expenses, expensive office clothes, eating out at break, etc. All these translate into household savings for the blogger. 

23. Blog to have a business you can sell out profitably tomorrow
Cases abound of big companies like google offering huge amounts to buyout a highly successful blog. If this appears attractive to you, then come on and let’s start blogging.

24. Blog to have an Internet home business
The blog has the double advantage of being an online business one can conveniently run from home and earn money from the internet.

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