Thirty-five Things You Can Get or Do Blogging - Part three

Today I conclude the preliminary parts of this discussion with the last eleven points which will touch on remaking one’s life, trading “job” (just over broke) for “yob” (your own business), saving, investing, buying a house or land, overcoming frustration at seeing others get ahead faster than oneself, avoiding being stuck in a dead-end job, avoiding being passed over for wage increases or promotions, having job security, avoiding embarrassment about one’s job, avoiding worry about the future in general, satisfying your desire to do better, about what steps to take, and mastering computers or other technology.

25. Blog to remake your life
I’ve already talked about some highly successful bloggers today who remade their lives through blogging. Yes, if you stick with it, a blog can help you earn money from the internet.

26. Blog to trade being “job” (just over broke) for “yob” (your own business)
Yes, many workers are assailed by financial difficulties from all corners. One of the surest way to overcome this is to get money online as a self-employed blogger.

27. Blog to save, invest, buy a house or land
A blog which is a good money maker can help satisfy your immediate needs and leave you enough to put aside or into a business or even invest in a house or a land which appreciates.

28. Blog to overcome your frustration at seeing others get ahead faster than you do
Except if you weren’t ambitious then wouldn’t you care about others succeeding in life while you lagged behind. Tired of that frustration? Then blog to make money on the internet.

29.Blog to avoid being stuck in a dead-end job
Is your job taking you nowhere? A blog will open new horizons for you. What is more interesting, these new possibilities will enable you gain money online.

30. Blog to avoid being passed over for wage increases or promotions
You can witness strange things at your job since an employee never controls their circumstances. But a blogger earning money on the internet is not subject to anyone‘s whims.

31. Blog to have job security
The days of lifetime employment are gone. No longer do people expect to remain at their posts until retirement. Although a blog is not eternal, at least there’s no boss to fire you here.

32. Blog to avoid your embarrassment about talking about your job
There’s nothing as unsettling as revealing a job one is not proud of doing. Which blogger gaining money on the internet cannot make some noise about the job they are doing?  
33. Blog to avoid your worry about the future in general
Not knowing what the future portends keeps many workers worried about losing their livelihood. Although not an insurance, a blog can keep you covered in these troubled times.

34. Blog to satisfy your desire to do better, what steps to take
The only constant in life is change. And every human being has the power of choice. So if you wish to do better, take steps towards success, then choosing a blog may be your best bet.

35. Blog to master know-how about computers or other technology coming into our lives
A blogger’s work is done mainly on the computer. They make use of technology as HTML, traffic exchanges, auto responders, list builders, etc. Blog to know these things before the rest.

Now that we have come to the end of the thirty-five things people can accomplish while blogging, can you think of others? Kindly leave your comments.

As from tomorrow, watch out for the full details on each of the ideas discussed these past three days. I will begin with: 1. Blog to do business.

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