Why You Should Grab Steve Evan’s FREE Dotcomology E-book

A foretaste of what is inside

DotComology is a FREE 347-page E-Book written by Stone Evans, The Home Biz Guy.

 That’s the first thing you see even before reading the table of contents. That is Stone Evans, always eager to show you ways to make money online.

For this initial section, this article will look at the introduction of the book.

After this the second article will centre on getting started in an online business.

The third will give Internet business ideas.

The fourth will reveal the secrets of winning traffic through search engines.

The fifth will be dedicated to buying advertising and keeping customers.

The sixth will show you how to get rich from affiliate programs.

The seventh will demonstrate how to explode your profits through email marketing.

The eighth will dwell on creating newsletters that sell as well as inform.

The ninth will be a lesson on joint ventures—partnering for success.

The tenth will concentrate on selling information products online.

The eleventh will teach you to create a hot software product with no programming experience.

The twelfth will concern press releases.

The thirteenth will handle viral marketing.

The fourteenth will revolve around managing your life when you work from home.

And the last will conclude with all you need to skyrocket your web profits.

Now, let’s go through the introduction, using Stone’s own titles and subtitles:


Steve Evans was a washed up restaurant owner a few years ago who embraced online home businesses and made lots of money through multiple streams of income.

His purpose of writing “Dotcomology – The Science of Making Money Online” is to share the information that helped him create the successful online business so that you will have a better chance for success. One of the reasons Stone gives you this huge content-rich e-book for free is because he wants to help you to avoid the scams and learn the truth about what it actually takes to make money on the internet. It is also to help you decide if you can succeed in the Internet marketing industry.

However if you think you have what it takes and want to get started quickly, Stone can help you get your first website set up within 24 hours. His service is the fastest and easiest way to start making money on the Internet.

Empty your cup
The first thing Stone asks you is to “empty your cup” for if you’re going to benefit from the book, you must first clear your mind of things you have learnt in the past (some of which may be trash) so that there will place for the new.

Don’t listen to the “so-called” experts
Many people are online telling you to buy this and that for fast success. For Stone, these so-called experts are those loud talkers who aren’t actually earning their living online day in and day out. But Steve is different, being an experienced online marketer.

Through trial and error, he learnt exactly how to find the right products and bring them to the right customers. That’s the kind of thing he teaches in the book: the exact methods he used to become a millionaire and which he is still using so that you can do the exact same thing too to succeed like him or even more than him.

Do You Have What It Takes To Be An E-Entrepreneur?
But before you begin, Stone advises you to ask yourself if you are made for online work.
This is because running a home-based business isn’t for everyone: some people like the commute and the routine of working nine-to-five; others are concerned about the risk involved in owning their own business. Know that, if you want to create a successful, self-running Internet marketing system, it will happen with effort, and with some initial investment of both time and money.

The Internet — Your Business Tool
Stone’s system for making money online hinges on the Internet, marketing and the product. The book takes a close look at each one of these elements, especially about marketing since that is really how you make money online.

The Internet has grown to more than 10 million hosts and millions of domain names and still growing. More, the volume of Internet traffic is expected to double annually over the next five years. Consumers will account for 60 percent of all Internet traffic over that period with the rest of the market made up of business users. That means a potential market of hundreds of millions of people around the world who can buy your products every minute of the day.

The Right Product Sells Itself
Stone promises to teach you all about affiliate programs and traffic which is just one kind of product on the web. E-book is another one because information sells like crazy online.
Click here to discover the system Stone uses to earn multiple streams of income on the Internet.

The Eternal, Changing Business Plan
Communication is the key to your online success. That’s why the book discusses over a dozen different ways to bring people to your website. All of these marketing techniques have been tried by Stone. The book reveals the ones that work best for Stone and should work for you too.

The chapters of Doctomology
Chapter one explains exactly what you have to do to build a website: from selecting a host to creating the design. Chapter two deals with getting traffic to your site. There, Stone gives the secrets of successful search engine optimization, how to buy advertising that pays, and how to make the most of the millions of affiliate programs that will pay real money. He also examines the various kinds of products you can create and sell online, and finally, he shows you how to put everything together to create a truly integrated business system that brings in real cash! 

But once again, if you love “short-cuts”, Click here to learn about Stone’s Plug-In Profit Site service which will give you everything you need to start earning multiple streams of income within the next 24 hours.

Next time we will go to the second section of the e-book which centres on getting started in an online business.

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