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Yesterday, we got introduced to the Socialx20 viral marketing program and the matrix. As said, we are now going to consider the two ways you can earn in Socialx20:

1. Commissions from purchasing Ads 

The first step to earning in Socialx20 is called Fast Track Bonus. 

With Fast Track Bonus, both free and paid members can earn. Every new member you sponsor who purchases the lifetime training membership earns you $10. But that doesn’t stop there. Socialx20’s programming tracks your new members’ activity so as to make you earn a recurring commission too.
However, in the second step to earning in Socialx20, only paid members benefit. Here, another program works on overall volume from all members to calculate commissions. Each sale generates 86% commissions for members, $10 goes to the direct sponsor (both free and paid), and $8.90 of every sale is paid out in commissions to members who have purchased the training/advertising.

The programming tracks each member’s movement in the system. As new sales are made, they are paid out to the next paid member inline to receive the commissions. Every 14 sales produce a commission payment of $125 to the next paid member inline to get commissions on site wide sales.

The company purchases an ad package for the member who receives a site wide commission payment, and the system places them back into the program to qualify for another commission when their turn comes up again.  

Each member is placed by the tracking system by date of their purchase as the program works by an order of purchase date. 

Other income programs only pay its members by their personal referral’s purchases. However Socialx20 pays sponsors $10 commissions for sales when referring a paid member and gives out commission on a company wide system to benefit all paid members, whether they sponsor somebody or not. 

Purchasing the training or advertising automatically qualifies you to earn commission from phase two once your turn comes up and sales have come in.

A group interested in one-on-one consultations can contact support for openings and pricing.

2. Matrix commissions

The Socialx20 matrix is a Straight Line Company Forced 2X1 No Follow the Sponsor Cycler System.
Each Cycler consists of three (3) 2x1 cycles. Once a member has completed a Cycler, they receive commissions as follows:
 1) for each completed cycler : $125
A member who purchases the Viral Marketing Training package or an Ads cycle 16,000 ad credits package also gets a paid entry in the cycler system.

As soon as two level 1 members are placed under you, cycle 1 is completed. You then get a paid position in cycle 2:

When two level 2 members are placed under you, cycle 2 is also completed and then you get a paid position in cycle 3:

When two level 3 members are placed under you, cycle 3 is completed and this completes a cycler.
At this point three things happen:
  1. You earn commissions of $125 for completing the cycler
  2. You get a paid re-entry back into the cycler system at level 1 or cycle 1
  3. Your sponsor earned $10 from you re-entering level 1 or cycle 1
This is how you can expect to gain with Socialx20. But I guess your main objective in joining the program will be to receive viral marketing training. So tomorrow we will look at Lesson 1 – Google-plus: How Google plus posts and pages can help maximum conversions.

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