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Yesterday we saw the two ways you can earn with Socialx20. As promised, today we are going to handle Lesson 1 – Google-plus: How Google plus posts and pages can help maximum conversions.

This training is made up of 9 short videos (the longest being 8:07 minutes long and the shortest just 1:07). They are:  

-          Google Introduction,

-          What Is a Google Page,

-          7 steps to Google+ marketing success,

-          How to set up Google+ Pages,

-          How to add images to your pages,

-          How to set up your about page,

-          5 top marketing tools in Google+ pages,

-          How to post on your Google+ account and pages, and

-          How to get followers on Google+.

Video N° 1: Introduction to Google

In this video you learn that Google is a platform designed to position your online and offline business in a short time as you can use it to generate leads for it.

The video shows step by step, tool by tool how to position yourself in Google+ which has more than 500 million users and over 359 million active users.

Google can not only improve website traffic but also help you to interact with new and existing clients.

An eye-opener was to learn that 625,000 people join Google each day and the +1 button increases page traffic by 350%.

Video N° 2: What Is a Google Page?

The second video tells you that the Google page is a new online page for business and it is different from a Google profile page which is personal. You create it and connect to the Google+ platform.

As the Google page is connected to, that makes it possible to connect with the over 1 billion people who search on Google.

To create one, you would need a Google account.

Video N° 3: 7 steps to Google+ marketing success

To succeed on Google, the third video gives the 7 steps to Google success which are:

1.      Pick up your topic,

2.      Create your Google+ page,

3.      Upload your cover and profile images,

4.      Create the About section,

5.      Google+ marketing tools,

6.      Posting, and

7.      Getting followers.

Detailed information is given on each of these topics.

Video N° 4: How to set up Google+ Pages

Video 4 takes you by the hand and shows you step by step how to set up your Google+ page. Following the detailed instructions backed by images, you will easily create your page and in no time at all.

Video N° 5: How to add images to your pages

Like the former video, this one also guides you step by step to upload your cover and profile images to let your followers know what your page is all about. You are particularly advised to use 500 x 500 pixel images for the profile and 1200 x 1192 for the cover. You can choose images from the Google site or upload from your computer files.

Video N° 6: How to set up your about page

This makes visitors know what your page is about. In view of its importance, you are taught with images and concrete examples to write yours.

Video N° 7: 5 top marketing tools in Google+ pages

In this video you don’t only learn about the five top marketing tools in Google+ pages, but also what they can do for you and how you can use them effectively.

These tools are:

1.      Circles,

2.      What’s hot,

3.      Communities,

4.      Hangout, and

5.      +1 button.

For your information, Circles are the way you arrange your followers and people and businesses that you follow. You can name them whatever you want. What’s hot enables you to find trending topics on your website theme and post it for your followers to increase engagement. Communities enable you to join and/or create groups related to your business and be able to post to them. Hangout makes you create a sort of a webinar with your followers. Once finished, the video is uploaded to Youtube. Do you see the power? The plus-one button connects your website with Google users.

Video N° 8: How to post on your Google+ account and pages

The post is the part of your Google+ page people see the most. Once they plus, comment and share something you have posted, it shows in their stream and their followers see it in their streams too. The same happens should they share, leading to a viral effect.

The video advises you as to what to post so that people can use, share and comment on it; what type of posts to make to create engagement; how to post so that people do not unfollow you; post at different times of the day to find out the best time to post to your followers; post for shares, plus and comments; and to post freebies (webinars, softwares, etc.) so as to draw visitors to your site as people love free stuffs.

Video N° 9: How to get followers on Google+.

This video shows that the follow button enables you to get hundreds of followers a day and enables many people too to follow you. It also gives the three most effective ways to get followers or benefit from follows and seven advantages of the follow, which is quite awesome.   

As you can see, the training is quite comprehensive. Tomorrow we will turn our attention to Lesson 2 – Affiliate viral marketing training.


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