Freetoolbox (FTB) is easy and cost-effective

100% paid out on completed Business Centers and if you run the numbers, you can make serious money.

You are one step away from the best compensation plan ever seen. Commissions Calculated Instantly with our Business Centers!
One time out-of-pocket purchases of product credits "Business Bucks" will insert you to up to 5 Business Centers from $1.25 up to $20. Earnings range from $2.5 up to $80 over and over again; money you can use for your small needs or to finance your other programs.

The Business Centers have 6 total sales positions. Directly below you is 2 sales positions and each can have 2 sales below them for a total of 4 on your payline. There are no monthly fees.

You get paid when your 6 position Business Center fills. You are automatically re-entered under your personal sales manager (inviter) and the process repeats itself. Check it on any of the links above and below:

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