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Yesterday we saw Lesson 3 – Facebook viral marketing training. To honour my promise, here is Lesson 4 for today– Google hangouts for internet marketers.

This training is made up of 20 very, very short videos: 

-          Overview Google hangouts,

-          Why marketers should be excited,

-          What you’ll need to set up Google,

-          How to set up Google,

-          Logging in to invite people,

-          Google Hangout internet chat,

-          Google Hangout screen share,

-          Audience questions plug in,

-          Cameraman capture,

-          Hangout toolbox,

-          Google effects,

-          Apps for Google Hangouts,

-          Google Hangout controls,

-          Google Hangout affiliate marketing,

-          Google Hangouts for content marketers,

-          Google Hangouts for offline marketers,

-          Google Hangouts for product creators,

-          Google Hangouts for service providers,

-          Google Hangouts as a speaker,

-          Google Hangouts for marketers Conclusion

Video N° 1: Overview Google Hangouts (Length: 1:48)

In the overview you learn what this training is about: how to get started on Google Hangouts as affiliate marketer, as content marketer (blogger), as a product creator and as a speaker. Finally it touches on what’s on the horizon for Google Hangouts.

Video N° 2: Why marketers should be excited about Google Hangouts (Length: 5:08)

The Hangout recording is automatically uploaded to YouTube. So you don’t have to look for camera, screen sharing software, etc. video creation therefore becomes easier and readily loadable.

Google Hangout videos are SEO powerful. This is because Google favours this content in the search engines, such as YouTube videos. The Hangout YouTube videos are even more favoured. Therefore do your Hangouts with great content so as to get it highly ranked by Google in the search engines. And to create great content, you need to collaborate with experts on your Hangouts.    

Google Hangout enables screen sharing of content saving you the need for screen sharing software. Your Hangout can also be shared with a lot of people.

Google hangout is mobile friendly for Android and iOs devices. This is a great advantage as a majority of people online now use mobile now for their internet activities. 

All these and other developments to come can help marketers a lot.

Video N° 3: What you’ll need to get started doing Google Hangouts (Length: 5:12)

To get started doing Google Hangouts, you will need a Google+ account; a laptop, tablet or PC with a web/digital camera; good lighting so that you don’t have dark backgrounds; internet access with good upload speed; a Google plugin which you can upload; and a background without clutter. Things and people who you don’t need and who appear in the background distract your invitees from concentrating on your Hangouts. 

Video N° 4: How to set up Google Hangouts (Length: 4:27)

You learn six important facts in this video:

-          You can do Google hangouts alone or you can associate nine other people.

-          You can invite others to view your Hangouts live on YouTube or you can simply have them recorded for viewing later.

-          Your Hangout recording can be private or public on YouTube.

-          It shows you tools you can use inside Google Hangouts for identification and branding.

-          You can broadcast your Hangouts for any length of time and it will still be recorded on YouTube; and,

-          you can share your screen and present it live. 

Video N° 5: Logging in to invite people (Length: 4:54)

This video opens with the speaker in their plus account. For the sake of those who don’t have a Google plus account, the video shows how to do this on

Now you log in and go to the right side of the screen or the left. Click on ‘Hangouts on Air.’ Click again on ‘Start a Hangout on Air’. A screen will show up. For the first time, you will need to download a software which will enable you do the Hangout. Now, you name your Hangout. An example can be Building your downline. Then click ‘Start a Hangout on Air’. Click ‘Invite people’ to add people to your video call. These would be people in your circles and who have Google plus accounts and who you had informed about the Hangout.      

Video N° 6: What you’ll need to get started doing Google Hangouts (Google Hangout internet chat) (Length: 5:12)

The video gives 6 things necessary to do a Google Hangout: These are:

-          Google+ account (which can be had free and in minutes),

-          Laptop, tablet or PC having a web/digital camera,

-          Good lighting (A clamp lamp, especially multiple ones to throw a lot of light on you, is suggested),

-          Internet access with decent upload speed,

-          Google plug-in, and

-          Background without any clutter or other distractions so as to prevent your viewers from concentrating on them instead of on you.

Video N° 7: Setting up for Google Hangouts (Google Hangout screen share) (Length: 4:27)

You learn six important facts in this video:

-          You can do Google hangouts alone or you can associate nine other people.

-          You can invite others to view your Hangouts live on YouTube or you can simply have them recorded for viewing later.

-          Your Hangout recording can be private or public on YouTube.

-          It shows you tools you can use inside Google Hangouts for identification and branding.

-          You can broadcast your Hangouts for any length of time and it will still be recorded on YouTube; and,

-          you can share your screen and present it live. 

Video N° 8: Audience questions plug in (Length: 4:54)

This video begins by showing you how to open a Google+ account (for those who don’t have one yet) which you must have to do a Hangout.

To start a Hangout, of course you sign into your Google+ account, click on the Hangout on Air button, then set up your Hangouts on air with software from Google. You now name your Hangout with your keywords. This is important as the name chosen will be the same for the YouTube video.  To finish, you learn how to invite people to your Hangout.

Video N° 9: Cameraman capture – the chat explained (Length: 1:20)

This particular video concentrates on the chat button which enables you to speak with people without others on the Hangout hearing you or reading your chat, except those you invited as panel. This is useful for Hangouts as you can get clarifications, etc. privately. 

Video N° 10: Screen sharing with the Hangout toolbox (Length: )

This course focuses on the screen share technology. Once you hit the screen share button, you have access to some windows. Any one window you hit is the one people in your panel and on the Hangout will see.   

Video N° 11: Google effects – Audience questions (Length: 1:27)

This button allows you to take questions and answer them on Hangouts. To get that button working, you need to download and install a little software.

Once done, you click the button and it opens the plug-in.

On the right hand side of the screen is the audience from whom you can take questions live and answer them on the Hangout. You can also take written questions from people watching on YouTube.    

Video N° 12: The Capture and Cameraman Apps for Google Hangouts (Length: 1:07)

The capture app enables you to take snapshots of yourself and of the people the people on the call. You can post these as digital photos. The cameraman app however allows you to control who is visible on the Hangout and for how long. Thus, you can focus the camera on a person at a certain time and for a given time.

Video N° 13: Google Hangout controls – the Hangout Toolbox (Length: 02:02)

The video says that maybe the most important tool in here is the Lower Third. This is because it is what you will use to identify yourself. To do so, you can type in your name, company name, select your country, display the clock and your custom lower third (logo). If you want to do overlay, you can click it and browse and upload.

It also here too that you can mute the entire Hangout, put a funny face on the camera and keep tracks of comments on YouTube. 

Video N° 14: Google Hangout effects button for affiliate marketing (Length: 1:20)

Since Google hangout is made for social network, it therefore enables you to have fun while doing business. So you can put different hats on people with the Headwear button, put some things over the eyes with Eyewear and change the backgrounds with Background.

Video N° 15: Strategies to use Google Hangouts for content marketers (blogging and content marketing) (Length: 2:47)

This video says that you as a blogger and content marketer can do the following with Google Hangouts:

-          You can use it as part of your Google+/Social media strategy since every Hangout is shared on Google+, on your timeline and with your followers. Should you do Google favoured SEO contents with Hangouts, this will brand you as an expert.

-          You can interview experts on your hangouts. As the experts’ followers as well as yours will attend the hangout, this will give you and the experts access to each other’s following. This way everybody gains and that is what content marketing is all about.      

-          You can invite people to your hangouts to discuss their problems and seek solution to them. This not only will prove your expert status but also show that you are a problem-solver.

-          You can create a vlog (video blog) with outside guests. Do this regularly and you brand yourself as the one bringing them before your audience.

-          You can now turn your vlog content into a podcast to get exposure (traffic) for your blog.

To finish, you are advised to be consistent (Do a Hangout once a week or month) and you will see people respond to it.

Video N° 16: How to leverage Google Hangouts for offline marketing (Length: 2:30)

Are you an offline marketer? This video shows that what you can do with Hangouts are endless. Some of them are:

-          Invite businessmen and people to a Hangout to show them for free for example how to rank in search engines. This will help you gain authority in your local niche and develop authority as someone people can count on.

-          You can gain some money by helping small businesses create their own Hangouts for a fee.

-          Expand your network of followers by doing Hangouts with marketing experts in fields other than yours. You not only complement each other in your respective fields but also gain access to each other’s following who attend the Hangout.

-          Do Hangouts with City Officials on matters relating to small businesses.

-          Do Hangouts to train business owners in marketing just as it is done in webinars.

-          Use Hangouts to create video testimonials for your clients and customers.

Video N° 17: How to use Google Hangouts as a Product Creator (Length: 3:09)

In this video, five things are given which product creators can do with Google Hangouts:

-          Interview people who will be teaching about your product and teaching people who buy them. You can do this through Google hangouts to create a unique interview and screen sharing product.

-          Take a PLR (Private Label Rights) product and use Google Hangouts to make it unique through interviews or adding content to give the buyer more value.

-          Use Google Hangouts to create good content which will attract buyers into your marketing funnel. Then you ask them to sign to your email or go to your website.

-          If you have a coming product, use Google hangouts to create a buzz to launch and promote it product by providing teaching and information about it.

-          However if the product is already available, use Google Hangouts to provide a bonus webinar call for the product by providing extra training to that product.

Video N° 18: How to use Google Hangouts as a service providers (length: 2:19)

This video also gives five things that service providers can do with Google hangouts:

-          Provide live recorded coaching. All your students benefit as you can distribute the recorded Hangout to them.

-          Diagnose a marketing problem live with a client. The client can show you the problem online and you can offer the solution in real time. 

-          Supposing you’ve outsourced texts to someone, you can use Google Hangouts to clarify the instructions given to ensure that they have understood your needs.

-          Resolve customer service issues issuing this medium.

-          To finish, we learn that Google Helpouts are coming soon and will be making available service providers for people looking for services approved by Google.

Video N° 19: Google Hangouts for a speaker/presenter (Length: 2:30)

As a Speakers or presenters, you can use Google Hangouts:

-          To develop a platform to speak to your audience using Google+ for them to see you live. 

-          Contrary to a webinar, to make a visual connection with your audience. Thus you can show and demonstrate things live, including what is happening on your website.

-          to connect with your followers (you speak to regularly) on social media.

-          to create sharable content for your following since whatever you do on a Google Hangout is available to them for sharing,.  

-          To get jobs. As your authority spreads as a speaker, companies may seek to hire you for speaking events.

Video N° 20: Google Hangouts for internet marketers, Conclusion (Length: 1:51)

This concluding video is a summary of what the other videos have treated. That is, Google Hangouts are great tools for internet marketers as it serves them for content creation, are automatically uploaded to YouTube, are the new SEO, outrival webinars because they are free, build connection and authority and afford you an excellent/professional means to meet people who appear on your Hangouts.

At this stage, do you see why video N° 2 is titled “Why marketers should be excited”? Google Hangouts applications in both online and offline are endless. And leveraging the advantages could make you do wonders with your marketing.

Tomorrow we will go to another awesome course: video marketing viral marketing training in Lesson 5.


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