How to Open the Door to Riches on the Internet

Do any of these describe you:

- Someone burdened by debts 


- Someone living from pay day to pay day

- Someone not having enough money in the bank

- Someone not having money to invest in a business

- Someone not having money to buy a land or build a house

- Someone envious at seeing others making it


- Someone not understanding why others are getting ahead 

- Someone fed up about their jobs

- Someone not receiving enough wage or wage increases

- Someone not receiving any promotion at all or not enough of it

- Someone worried sick about the security of their jobs

- Someone not seeing any salvation on the horizon

- Someone who wants to open the door to riches but not sure which steps to take

- Someone who is worried about their retirement

If your answer to any of the above is yes, then continue reading.


Now, do you want to:

a) Know how to make a lot of money on the internet

b) Have time for yourself 

c) Spend more time with your family

d) Have more time for vacation and fun activities 

e) Enjoy your work?

If you want any or all of these things, then you have come to the right place. You will find here pieces of advice and useful hints that will show you how to win a lot of money working on the internet and transform your life.

Now, what is making people money in the 21st century? Or, where are people making loads of money nowadays?     

Working for oneself and not for someone else is the surest way to make big money. This truism has not changed since the beginning of time. So, the first condition to opening the door to riches is to find a business for yourself.

But then you ask: me, find a business for myself? I don’t have what it takes.

But ask yourself: what do self-employed people, including millionaires less than thirty, who have made it on the internet have that you don’t?

The spirit of entrepreneurship, the newspapers, magazines, television stations and films tell you. That is, the courage to dare, to take risks.

True ?

True and false.

True; to make it in self-employment you need to be entrepreneurial and not risk-averse. False; because the internet has taken away much of the hassle of doing business and made making it on the internet easy and lots of fun. An internet business is therefore what you must do in this age to open the door to riches. The decision to open it and walk through that door to everything you have been dreaming about is entirely up to you.

Do you want to try and prove me right? Then check under for four affiliate networks (administrative companies) which can help open the door to working with several companies and therefore to the door to riches on the internet.

You may be wondering what an affiliate network (administrative company) is.

Well, it is a company which has overall responsibility for online selling for, and the paying and tracking of the large number of companies which work with them. The companies’ accounts are listed on the websites of the administrative companies in several categories allowing you to select free of charge companies you wish to work for and/or promote. So, instead of registering separately with each company (which will be time-consuming and tedious), you only register with the administrative companies and you have access to more companies than you can ever work with.

Once you select the company you would like to work for or promote, you receive an “affiliate pay code promotion link”. You place this link on your blog and it will track all of your earnings when your readers click on them.

The companies will pay you in one or all of the following three ways:  

1) Pay Per Sale (PPS): for your links leading prospective buyers to them, and
2) Pay Per Lead (PPL): what your links bring in,
3) Pay Per Click (PTC): for click on the links.

You earn the commissions without ever having to do any follow-up, answer e-mails, or deal with customers. The companies take care of everything. Your only job is to put the links on your blog, drive traffic to it and sit back and rake in the money.

Although you don’t do more than the above, these commissions may make you rich. This is why I said in a post that with the internet one does not necessarily have to work hard but smart to make money.

Pay Per Sale : You earn money as an affiliate when a visitor clicks on the referral link on your blog and once directed to the merchant’s site buys some product or service. The merchant will then pay you commission for the sale.

Take for example a service or a product being offered for $59. If the company gives you 70% of it, the commission comes to $41.30.

Little drops of water make a mighty ocean. That is why some bloggers easily earn $800 and up a day from their promotion links. Imagine a blog receiving 1,000 visits a day (popular blogs get far more than that), and on which just 1% of those visitors makes a purchase. If we use the sale which netted a blogger $41.30, the blogger would be making ($41.30 x 10 =) $413.00 commission a day from only one company. And if the blogger is working for ten companies making similar amounts of commission, they will come to ($413.00 x 10=) $4130.00 a day. This is how you can open the door to riches on the internet.

Another way you will be making money with the companies is through “leads” called “Pay Per Lead”. If a visitor to your website clicks on your affiliate referral link signs up with the merchant for a newsletter, or free trial, etc., that is a lead and you get paid for the signup. Payment you receive range from $1.00 to $10.00.

You know that people love receiving things for free. Therefore the money-making possibilities here are huge. Let’s again take the blog receiving 1,000 visitors a day, and on which only 10% of them grab the free stuffs, that comes to ($1.00 to $10.00 x 100=) $100 to $1000 a day.

So, don’t hesitate to sign up with companies giving away free stuff. It can make you reap a fortune on the Internet.

Pay per Click : Some companies also pay you just for “Clicks". You earn as an affiliate when a visitor clicks on the referral link on your blog and is redirected to the merchant page. These companies work just like Google Adsense and BidVertiser mentioned in section “
c. List of companies which offer contextual ads,” of the post “Have Fun Creating a Blog and Making Money on the Internet too!” That is, they will pay you when someone clicks on their contextual ads placed on your blog. The interesting part is that clicking does not require a sign up, purchases or any thing more than a simple click. This will bring you .50 cents to .80 cents per click.

Let’s see the maths once again. If a blog receiving 1,000 visitors a day gets 50% of those people to click on the paid to click link, that will bring another handsome $250 (.50 cents x 500) to $400 (.80 cents x 500) a day. 

A money-making blog will bring you constant monthly payments through mailed check, direct deposit, PayPal, Payza, Liberty source or other. While some administrative accounts pay twice a month (on the 1st and 15th), others do so only once a month.  Now, add all that money up in a month and see how a money-making blog can open the door to riches on the internet for you.



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Payloadz 120 X 60PayLoadz has been engaged in download marketing and delivery since 2002. They provide a service to sell downloadable items such as Software, eBooks, music, movies, digital art, manuals, articles, certificates, forms, files, and anything else that can be downloaded. Through their affiliate program, you can earn a **recurring** monthly fee for 12 months for each account referred to their service. PayLoadz’s average user pays more than $23 a month, an eligible payout rate. Users can pay well over $5,000 per month for PayLoadz’s service.No limits on how much can be earned in this program. Visit this online money maker:  Use Our Automated Service to Sell Your Downloads

Dubbed the Netflix of books, is an online rental service for paperback, children’s and audiobooks, offering subscribers access to more than 250,000 titles. The company offers a variety of subscription plans, starting at just $11.99 a month. There are no due dates or late fees and shipping both ways is free. Check here for door to riches on the internet:

Get Instant Access to Court Records Nationwide!The public records industry generates $2 billion per year in revenue. A leader in public records since 2003, sells background checks, criminal records searches, reverse phone look ups and a variety of other public data. Commissions start at 65% (up to $26 per sale) and can go up to 75% or more; eVerify’s conversion rates, which lead the industry, range from 3% to 10% depending on the relevance of the traffic. The company also offers generous bonuses to affiliates that prove that they can deliver consistent quality traffic. Join eVerify to get your share of this huge business.

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Housetraining Your Dog
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The catalog system

a) Catalog package
You've no doubt heard of Adrian Ling and Harvey Segal the ClickBank gurus at the ClickBank Success Forum. With over 14,000 members they certainly know what the typical struggling ClickBank affiliate needs. And they've produced a membership site to cater exactly for their needs. SIGN UP HERE

b) hosting
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c) private forum
How would you like personal attention to help with your Internet Marketing activities ? For example feedback on your sales copy. Or to put questions to experts in some of the key disciplines needed by Internet Marketers. Check out the private forum at the Catalog. CLICK HERE

d) Easy ClickBank Bonus Manager

If you are a ClickBank affiliate there is one guaranteed way to compete with rival affiliates and win the customer sale. It's to tell the customer that after the sale you will send him a bonus product. The problems are in finding a suitable bonus and arranging delivery of the product
These are solved with a tool called easyClickBank Bonus Manager (developed by two top ClickBank experts). There's a free trial with nothing to install or to pay. Also there's a lucrative affiliate program offering recurring commission. GO HERE

e) Forum advertising CLICK NOW

f) Affiliate resources CLICK

g) CBWatch
ClickBank affiliates: Don't work in the dark. You can get instant email notification of every sale you make. Get started now


a) ClickBank Success form

If you are a ClickBank affiliate or vendor then you need to pay a visit to the ClickBank Success Forum. It's the only forum devoted completely to ClickBank - even ClickBank themselves go there to answer questions ! It's run by two top ClickBank gurus and had over 14,000 members as at March 2011. GET IT HERE

b) Catalog affiliate program

How would you like to earn recurring monthly commission with ClickBank ?
There's a system developed by two ClickBank experts who are looking for your help in promoting it to the 100,000+ ClickBank vendors and affiliates. Yes - you read that right. Unlike ClickBank's own system you can get rewarded by telling other affiliates about it. They have produced a great guide with an amazing variety of ways to promote it, including several free viral ebooks specially written to drive recurring commissions to your door. CLICK HERE

 c) Bonus Book Listing

If you want to see a collection of quality free books head over to the Catalog Directory. You'll also see a way to send them to customers as an enticing bonus after an affiliate sale. GET IT

d) Private forum experts
Are you an authority in a particular field of Internet Marketing ? Then you could run one of the private forums at the Catalog - there's lots of perks in it for you. SIGN UP HERE

e) EBook submission
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f) The catalog opportunity
Whether you are a ClickBank affiliate, a vendor, an ebook author or reseller you will find various ways to make money from the unique Catalog System which is run by two top ClickBank gurus. GET IT NOW


a) ClickBank residual income
In the next few you would find a variety of ways that you can find targetted readers (Section 3) and how to put your message across (Section 2). CHECK IT HERE

b) ClickBank affiliate winner
turning ClickBank affiliates into super affiliates
- preselling with articles
- the hosting package
- giving the customer a bonus book CHECK IT!

c) The Ultimate ClickBank product
For The Ultimate ClickBank Product here are suggested themes you can use
- the hosting package
- the private forum
- automating bonus book delivery for a customer
- preselling with a free book CHECK IT NOW

d) ClickBank encounters of the third kind
For ClickBank Encounters of the Third Kind here are suggested themes you can use
- how to multiply your sales
- preselling with free information
- viral marketing with ClickBank CHECK IT HERE

e) The ultimate free book
For The Ultimate Free Book here are suggested themes you can use
- viral marketing with ClickBank
- preselling with free information
- making money from free books GET IT

 f) World’s shortest viral book

viral marketing with ClickBank
- preselling with a free book
- making money from free books CHECK IT NOW

g) ClickBank success forum
or 'The ClickBank Success Forum

' here are suggested themes you can use
- turning ClickBank affiliates into super affiliates
- viral marketing with ClickBank CHECK IT

h) examples : How to profit from viral articles SEE IT

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