Inspiration from Twelve Under Thirty Internet “Apostles” who made millions

Who doesn’t know of at least one person who has made it big on the internet? Newspapers and magazine publications feature these internet millionaires all the time. Movies are even made about them and their companies.

Like these people, you can also make big money on the net.

There are so many ways to earn money from the internet. Whether it’s a good, service, lead, free stuff, or pay-per-click (PTC) that you are offering online, the internet can be your money-maker. What is more interesting, you can often start getting money online with zero down. This method may not pay you quick and big enough at once but what is important is that you can start this way and then grow to earn lots of money on the internet like the twelve youths we are going to talk briefly about. 
With the internet everybody under the sun could start a real money-making business online. It is amazing people still worry about money instead of letting the internet “take care of the headache” while they rake in the money. The following dozen people under 30 did exactly that and now this is what they are worth:

1. Mark Zuckerberg, aged 26, co-founder and CEO of Facebook, started his social
    networking site in middle school. He is now worth some $6.9bn and still going strong. 

2. Dustin Moskovitch is 26. He was one of the co-founders of Facebook. Running his
    own business (Asana a company), Mike has made a little over $1.4bn.

3. Andrew Mason, 29, is the founder and CEO of the online business Groupon, and is
    worth an estimated $600 million.

 4. Matthew Mullenweg is aged 26 and already worth $250 million. He is the founding
    developer of WordPress, one of the best websites and blog programs out there.

5. Blake Ross is a 25-year-old software developer, famous for his work with Mozilla
    Firefox. This young man made a total fortune of $150 million on the internet. 


6. Gurbaksh Chahalis founded gWallet.Inc. of which he is CEO. This guy, who dropped
    out of school at 16 years, is now worth $340 million.


7. Selvadurai raked in most of his money through a joint venture called Foursquare
    anyone. Now, he can boast of an estimated $80 million.


8. Angelo Sotira is the pioneering brain behind DeviantArt, the art/digital art website he
    co-founded back in 2000. His online business has earned him $75 million.


9. Nat Turner is 26 and co-set up Invitemedia, a “universal buying platform” for display
    media. Google gave out $70 million to acquire this company.

10. Peter Cashmore is the CEO of founded in 2005. Mashable is visited
     by more than 10 million readers a month and has made Pete some $70 million.


11. Alexander Levin, co-founder of the image storing website, ImageShack, has made
      some $56+ million for a site he started just back in 2003 while in high school.


12. David Schottenstein, 26, is the founder and CEO of Astor & Black, online site for
      very high quality evening, and business wear which has netted him $52 million.

There are many more such young internet millionaires and the list keeps growing. Don’t stories of their success on the internet inspire you? If yes, check below and learn how to win money on the internet. Who knows, you may be the next internet millionaire the newspapers, magazines, televisions and films will be talking about to inspire other people!


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