Finally, a system which assures your success online. Sure

Join Multiple Income Builders, MIB, FREE to succeed online immediately

Multiple Income Builders are a Facebook team building group whose purpose is:

* to work together to build income through various business opportunities.
* to admit people who want to join opportunities they have chosen as a team.
* to create a pre-built downline for the first opportunity.
* flipping the matrix in the second opportunity, so that those at the bottom in the first business
   come on top in the second.

If this is something that you would be interested in, then they accept your membership.
MIB are looking for serious people, who see the vision of team building and creating various streams of income.
They are interested in your success as much as they are in theirs.
They truly hope this is you.
If it is, Welcome to MIB.

Please check the group here:

Please send a friend request and introduce yourself to the admins, saying Akoli Penoukou introduced you to the group: and

Thank You


P.S.: There is a blog to which you can contribute articles. You would find me there as a contributing author and the first to have posted an article.

P.P.S.: Right now admin is sending out links for people to join Total Take Over, TTO. It costs $60 to join (with $10 admin fee) and as MIB is placing people under all members and TTO pays 100% direct commissions, it means even with one member, you break even immediately. Then after everybody joins, the group will be flipped over to join Infinity Downline, ID at $25. What this means is that those members who find themselves at the bottom in TTO will be placed at the top in ID which also pays 100%, without any admin fees. Nobody fails. Everybody gains. What else can a person looking to succeed online want?

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