Internet Marketer, Stop Going Round in Circles, Now!



I was an internet marketing jerk. Of course, it’s not easy making that acerbic statement about myself. And if you don’t want to find yourself in the uncomfortable situation where you have to do the same, then stop confining yourself to the 97% of internet marketers whose untrained strategies make their marketing suck and thus fail miserably online.

I began working online three years ago in high spirits but up until now I hadn’t made any headway. The only thing I was doing was accumulating debts and piling one shiny object on the other. To make the businesses work, I blogged, posted on Facebook, shared on Twitter and to my followers on Google+ and other social platforms; joined teams, mailers, listbuilding sites, bought leads and did other things gurus tell us would bring certain success. But not much happened.

What I ignored was the right training to make it right online. Fortunately this came with my signup to the Continuity Downline program called Socialx20. This is a viral marketing training platform and software system centred on the social networks with earn while you learn features or a matrix.

The training consists of 12 lessons:

-          Google-plus training,
-          Affiliate viral marketing training,
-          Facebook viral marketing training,
-          Google hangout viral marketing training,
-          video marketing viral marketing training,
-          ebay viral marketing training,
-          Pinterest viral marketing training,
-          YouTube viral marketing training,
-          YouTube SEO viral marketing training,
-          Twitter viral marketing training,
-          LinkedIn viral marketing training, and
-          Simple 3 steps viral marketing training.

You can use Socialx20 to promote your businesses or programs. The training teaches you how to use Social Media to brand your groups or teams, how to generate lots of traffic, and, (if you are promoting programs) how to get new sign ups for your teams. This is because the system sets the foundation for traffic generation that can run almost on autopilot from just 30 minutes per day.

Once you set up the Socialx20 viral Marketing System and implements it by daily following the steps, you should find satisfactory results. If you are a group, Socialx20’s guidance and training coupled with the efforts of the whole group would be affective at making your marketing viral.

As a member of Socialx20, you can also earn while going through the training in Social Media. This is because Socialx20 offers commissions on sales of their training course and on sales of their advertising package. 

Each member will be able to receive commissions on sales of the Viral Marketing Training Package, Ads Cycle Credit Package, and Captain's Viral Marketing System. 

As you can see, this is a business worth doing, and it is cost-effective too.

Earn while you learn. What can be better than that?

Tomorrow we will look at the two ways you can earn in Socialx20 and then tackle the twelve video training courses, one after the other.


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