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 Yesterday we saw Lesson 1 – Google-plus: How Google plus posts and pages can help maximum conversions. As promised, today we are going to talk about Lesson 2 – How to do affiliate marketing the right way.

This training is made up of 22 videos: 

-          Affiliate Introduction,

-          Too much competition?,

-          Narrowing your choices,

-          How to uncover the right product,

-          Keyword research,

-          Affiliate networks,

-          Creating affiliate URL,

-          Where to promote your affiliate URL,

-          How to set up your own domain,

-          Continued, domain set up,

-          Get the word out,

-          Creating content,

-          Creating content continued,

-          Bio box for articles,

-          Article overview,

-          Distributing content,

-          Articles to PDF,

-          Create videos from articles,

-          Extra steps for ranking content,

-          Advanced strategies,

-          More ways to promote, and

-          More exposure.

Video N° 1: Affiliate Introduction (Length: 6:51)

This video shows an actual example of affiliate marketing in action.

It shows you how affiliate marketing can benefit the business, the consumer and you the affiliate marketer by using the example of a person interested in how to run a business using Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

The video says this person will go to google and maybe type in SEO business guide. They may decide on one of the results (e.g. A1 SEO business guide) but before buying they may require more information. So, they will go back to google and type in A1 SEO business guide. They then will read the third party reviews and if satisfied, will go back to the site to purchase the guide. Since they went to the affiliate company’s site through a third party’s affiliate link, this affiliate will be credited. This way, the company benefits by selling its product, the consumer by getting a well-rated product and the affiliate marketer by earning a commission from the sale. 

Video N° 2: Too much competition? (Length: 5:49)

This video addresses people’s concern that there is too much competition in the affiliate marketing field. With the example of just Clickbank and Amazon, it allays that fear by showing that in effect, the contrary is the case. The two companies alone sell millions of products. Add the others who have several thousands and one should rather be overwhelmed by the huge offer instead of thinking of the competition. And even the offer should not be a problem as the video teaches where to sell the products.

Video N° 3: Narrowing your choices (Length: 6:13)

If the choice of products is huge, the number of people looking to buy them is also. Moreover, one can narrow down the choices which the video shows is easy to do by actually finding a market of people searching for something to buy and finding the product to match their needs.

It demonstrated it with google adword tools by using it to find products people are looking for online. Using the keywords for one product needed by thousands of people, it went to the Clickbank site and located it. This way the offer can be matched to the huge demand. 

Video N° 4: How to uncover the right product (Length 6:28)

The video used google keywords and typed in reviews of cameras and got general answers it arranged in descending order to find the most popular searches. Now, it identified digital cameras in the search list and even further narrowed the choice down to specific models. Then it went back to the Clickbank site to look for those cameras.     

Video N° 5: Keyword research (Length: 3:08)

This enables one to know if there is a market for a product or a service. For example if you want to know if people are looking to learn affiliate network marketing, you key “affiliate network marketing” into the google keywords search. Then you go through the list to find results matching the search and you’re done.

Video N° 6: Affiliate networks (Length: 4:03)

The video used Clickbank as an example of how to sign in as affiliate of networking companies. Nothing complicated at all as one only needs to fill in a form.

Video N° 7: Creating affiliate URL (4:31)

This one looks at how to create affiliate URL to promote products you’ve chosen. Clickbank again was used as an example.

Video N° 8: Where to promote your affiliate URL (4:31

Video N° 8 first shows how to use a URL shortener (so that the long ugly links appear short and nice) and tracking service. The site recommends bitly because it is free and allows you to know where the clicks on your URL are coming from and how many times it was clicked.

Video N° 9: How to set up your own domain (3:49)

This video advises to set up an own domain to redirect your URLS since some places to promote affiliate links will not accept the links as furnished by affiliate companies. It suggests NameCheap which offers the cheap .info domain. You are advised to just choose a name related to your product, check to see if it is available, then register for about $2.49 a year.

Video N° 10: Continued domain set up (Length: 3.23)

This video is principally about how to use the short URL domain to track affiliate promotions. It shows how to redirect the domain registered with NameCheap so that it shows at the affiliate site and enables you to use bitly tracking.  

Video N° 11: Get the word out (Length: 9:13)

To get the word out, the marketer is advised to create content centred on the buyer’s interest (already gauged from google research). This enables them to get their URL in front of potential buyers.

In effect, people looking for answers to their problems search in a variety of places online. The marketer is shown not only how to use google adword to find this information, but also how to use the information to write an article. All details such as the title, subtitle, article length, where to find additional information, and the opening sentence are well handled.    

Video N° 12: Creating content (Length: 3:11)

Network marketers are shown in this video how to use affiliate network marketing sites to find keywords or ideas for their articles.

Video N° 13: Creating content continued (Length: 7:17)

This one gives detailed information about how to format the article, especially the end where the affiliate marketer should invite the reader to take action by clicking their link.

Video N° 14: Bio box for articles (Length: 2:27)

Here, the importance of the ending of the article where the URL and the call to action come is further stressed.

Video N° 15: Article overview (Length: 3:34)

This video shows how to get the article created for publishing in different places all over the internet and in different formats, so that people can find it to read, click the affiliate link, buy the product and make the affiliate money. Four of the top sites to publish articles are given.

Video N° 16: Distributing content (Length: 7:23)

You now learn how to change the format of the article already written to post in other places. You are shown how to sign up at flickr to get photos to convert your article into pdf format and given three great places where you can publish them. So now, your single article is at seven great places. 

Video N° 17: Articles to PDF (1:01)

This short video shows how the pdf article looks like, once published.

Video N° 18: Create videos from articles (5:48)

This video shows another way to repurpose your article and share it elsewhere. You are shown how simple it is to create a video yourself and how to load it in Youtube, where to paste the description, where your affiliate hyperlink goes, how to make the call to action and how to write the tag section, all so that the video becomes fully optimized.

Video N° 19: Extra steps for ranking content (Length: 6:44)

You are offered training here to further repurpose your article and publish it on squidoo which uses both article and video thus boosting the Youtube video. 

Video N° 20: Advanced strategies (4:52)

This part of the course teaches how to use Twitter tweets to sell things people are looking for. This is hot selling one-to-one.

Video N° 21: More ways to promote (Length: 3:19)

This trains you to use Craiglist, the giant worldwide classified adsboard, to sell expensive physical products one-to-one to people feverishly looking for them on that site. 

Video N° 22: More exposure (Length: 3:56)

This time you are trained to sell on Yahoo! answers where people are asking questions about many different things and where you can propose answers to solve their problems. These could be products, software, etc.
As you can see, there are a lot of useful videos in this second training to help you sell your offers. Can you imagine, how proposing your offers in this powerful manner on all those powerful platforms, could help make your affiliate marketing quickly go viral? If this is exciting, tomorrow training risks being equally so as we will concentrate on Lesson 3 – Facebook viral marketing training.

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