Do You Want Five Streams of Great Income? (Part IV)

I know you still want to hear Stone Evans tell his story so let’s go:
Now over the past several years I've been creating websites like this for people who want to get started online.

And the results have been amazing.

Look at a few of the people who made their FIRST sale using their website:


And I have hundreds of others just like these...

In fact, many of the internet marketing "gurus" of today got their start with my Plug-In Profit Site.

Just look at what famous online marketer Russell Brunson said:


Now, I don't show you this to brag... but I did show it to you because this is a gift that I want to give to you. 


If you've struggled in the past... then I'm here to help.

Let me explain to you how it's going to work.

First, you'll want to join the 5 affiliate programs listed below (if you're not a member of them already).
Yes, these are the SAME 5 programs that send me checks every month!

Now, I do want to mention.. that you don't HAVE to join all 5 of them... but I highly recommend that you do.

If you can't join one, then you're sponsor's ID will be put into your website and your email follow up campaign, and they'll get the commissions when people sign up for those programs.

So if you can afford to do all five, then I STRONGLY recommend doing it so YOU can earn the most money possible from your website.

Each of these programs was picked for a purpose, and they are VERY powerful and pay out HUGE commissions.

In fact, I'll walk you through each of them now. 


Now GVO is important for 3 reasons...

FIRST: When I setup your website, I need to host the website somewhere. Not only is GVO is the #1 rated hosting company in the world for entrepreneurs like us... it's the ONLY host that I can use to provide your COMPLETE Plug-In Profit Site service. 

So after you have your GVO account, I'll be able to setup your website for you. 

SECOND: GVO is also an autoresponder company... now, if you don't know what an autoresponder is yet, you will soon. In fact, it's the MOST IMPORTANT aspect to your online business. It's the tools that sends emails and makes sales for you automatically!

I will actually go into your GVO autoresponder and pre-write a 400-day email follow up sequence that will sell your subscribers on each of the 5 programs, and I'll teach you how to fill that autoresponder with people who read your messages.

THIRD: GVO has a VERY generous commission structure and will become one of the biggest checks you get each month. 

The bottom line is that GVO gives you some of the most important tools you'll NEED to make money in this business... and you'll get started for just $1.00. 


Now I love SFI for a lot of reasons.

They pay me big checks each month for very little effort... and it's also 100% FREE to join...

So if you're a little cash strapped this month, this is one you can get started with that won't cost you any money out of pocket... yet it still provides the ability for you to make a lot of residual income every month.
In fact, here's a view inside SFI's home office with stacks of SFI commission checks ready to be metered with postage and dropped off at the post office and delivered to affiliates all over the world:


Just follow the steps ahead and sign up, so I can help you start earning a monthly paycheck from SFI too!

By the way, SFI can also pay you by PayPal™, Payoneer™ or direct deposit to your bank account (in your country's own currency) so you can get paid every month in the way that is most convenient to you...


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