Blogging is Easy

More and more and day after day I find myself questioning the thoughtless use of the word “easy” to qualify online or home business jobs or anything to do with them.

Let’s take my today’s tasks for instance.

I slept towards 3 am this morning after working on my computer businesses all day yesterday. I set my cell phone’s alarm at 6 am, knowing fully well that it wasn’t realistic. When I managed to get up at 8, I wondered if the alarm had gone off at all and if it had whether it was I or my wife who had put it off. She was still sleeping so I shrugged and went into the living room where I work.

Crazy as it might seem, I find myself running four blogs (“It’s easy to make money at home” on blogger and three others with Fanbox, Empower Network and IMGlobal on wordpress), with three others in the offing (Blogging with John Chow, GVO and About me).

In effect I had myself signed up for the blog. Once when I realized someone on the social site kept four blogs, I asked him how on earth he managed them as my only one was proving a headache making me bury my earlier idea of creating more blogs.

However blocked my blog for issues with my profile. When all attempts to get my blog back failed and then I saw an ad to create a blog with John Chow (whom I knew was a highly respected blogger), I coldn’t but seize the opportunity but sadly have not exploited it yet.

As for fanbox, an online friend had suggested it to me as a free website which pays you for sharing your ideas, photos and videos. What better could someone like me looking for money to speed up my online business look for than such an easy (how this word keeps popping up!) money-making opportunity! So I signed up and only took a mild interest in it until daily messages kept on showing in my box from the fanbox team telling me how much I was earning a day doing nothing and how what huge amounts I could earn taking an active part in the community. So, I did and just for occasionally posting to my blog or advertising other people’s blogs on the site, I earn $18 a day sometimes. Some people easily get hundreds of dollars a day and thousands a month. My coach earned over $5000 last month and has got over $300,000 since she began. Anybody interested? Contact me for an account.

Empower Network and IMGlobal however gave me websites when I became their affiliates and I’ve just begun using them when I realized what powerful weapons they are to earn with those networks and build other businesses too.

GVO is in the same bag as Empower Network and IMGlobal but setting up the blog keeps me procrastinating. The person who had got me involved in Fanbox is the same who asked me to sign up for the free personal blog.

With so many blogs, I found myself going the easy route: posting the same content on them even though I could run them through article spinners to change them a bit. I was also losing sight of which article went on which site so today I decided to keep my house in order.

So, after checking my email boxes, I began organizing my articles into categories:
Blog article ideas

In this group, I put all articles I had planned to write. Some of them were mere titles, others were ideas copied from Google research or elsewhere online. To organize them into a whole, I was obliged to copy hundreds from my desktop computer (which I rarely use nowadays) and mesh them with those on my laptop. Putting them into subcategories nearly made me give up the work as some defied classes!

Completed blog articles

These are and would be articles that I had written but not yet posted to any site. There were not many. To vary my articles, I’ve decided to use spinners. With the internet one must work smart not hard.

Posted blog articles

These are the ones that I had already put up on the various sites. While some are on all the sites, others are not. So, I had to go to each site, copy down the articles and indicate in the body to which sites they had been posted. Apparently easy task but really time-consuming.

Blog posts to It’s easy, Empower Network, IMGlobal and Fanbox

I created these files for posts on each of the four sites. Checking the sites and the Posted blog posts file took hours. Some files were online and not on record and vice versa and reconciling them nearly made me go crazy.

I took a break for lunch and a rare siesta.

Evenings are when I write and posts to my sites. I got to work after a hurriedly munched supper finishing off the morning’s work. And when I was ready to write my post, I realized that it was already 8 pm.

Again I wondered why people say that writing a blog post takes only a few minutes. Some even say 15 or at most 30. If me, a trained writer cannot do that in less than two hours, how come non professionals could in that short time? Or, is my professionalism the impediment, causing me to write according to laid down principles? I don’t know but I would like to hear from those able to write a blog post and put it online in less than an hour. That would be edifying.

It’s now 10.51 pm exactly, almost three hours since I started writing this post but it isn’t even finished yet.

So, is blogging easy?

I don’t think so. But if you think otherwise, why don’t you let us in on your secret? It could make life easier for some of us.  

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