How similar are Blog Visitors and Followers and a Business’ Clientele?

Staring at the photos this morning of some of my 260 blog followers on Google+ who make me feel real good, I had the idea to dedicate a special thought to them. “Why?” one may ask. It was while searching for the answer that the idea occurred to me how similar blog visitors and followers and a business’ clientele were.

First, let’s look at how useful clients are to a business.

They let the business owner feel good

Imagine opening a shop and seeing not even a fly buzz in? You’d feel the most unwanted person in the world. So, clients let the business owner feel good since they don’t let him have the impression that his brainchild is not appreciated. I should know because I’ve kept a shop before!

A business needs clients to survive

Second, a business needs clients to survive. This is obvious because no sales, no business. And it’s the clients who bring the money. Some people think that it is the advertising. No. otherwise we would never talk of failed advertising. That technique only tells clients where they can have their needs satisfied but it is the clients who freely decide who to give their money to. And the more clients give you their money the more you keep you head out of water.

Clients keep a business in activity

This idea is linked to the former. By buying from it clients keep a business active. If a business doesn’t expand at all and finally fades away it is because it had no clients to keep it going. If another expands slowly it’s due to the clients who are not bringing in enough activity. But a very busy business is the one with a whole lot of clients.

Clients keep the business moving on through diversification

Clients give a business direction by suggesting new additions to the existing stock. No doubt some businesses put suggestion boxes at the disposal of their clientele. Keeping a blog is another great idea for a business to get feedback from its clients. The more the business satisfies its clients’ needs the more diversified it will be and the more growth it will have.

Some clients become friends of the business owner

Imagine beginning a business from your garage, living room or even from a small shop and imagine still having some of the earlier clients as buyers. How do you think will be the relationship between the business owner and these people? One of endearing friendship. And why not, even business partners. This is how some clients become friends of the business owner.

Now, let’s consider how useful blog followers and visitors are to a blog and its owner.

Followers and visitors let the blog owner feel good

Imagine running a blog for months and having not even a single person peer at it. You’d feel the most worthless blogger in the blogosphere. Anytime I have another Google+ follower, I feel like an athlete who’d won a heated race. Thank you dear followers for letting me feel so good since you don’t give me the impression that I’m not preaching in the desert.

A blog needs followers and visitors to survive

This is because no followers and visitors no motivation for the blogger to continue. Besides, it’s the visitors who bring the money. Here also it’s not really the blogger’s magic which bring the sales. Otherwise how come 97-98% of bloggers fail? Does it mean only 3-2% have the Midas touch? Good useful content bring the followers and the visitors but I think it is grace when they buy from you instead of all those great bloggers who came before you.

Followers and visitors keep a blog in activity

By subscribing to a blog, following it and buying from it, followers and visitors keep a blog active. If a blog doesn’t grow at all and finally fades away it is because it had followers and visitors to keep it active. If another expands slowly it’s due to the followers and visitors who are not bringing in enough activity (comments, subscription, sales, etc.). But a very busy blog is the one with a multitude of followers and visitors.

Followers and visitors keep the blog moving on through diversification

Comments by blog visitors suggest new topics for the blogger to write about. That’s why it’s essential for every blog to have forms for visitors to subscribe to posts and comments and to subscribe to follow by Email. The precious feedback from their visitors will enable a blogger satisfy their needs and be part of the famous two percenters.

Some followers and visitors become friends of the blog owner

Imagine me seeing some of my present followers in a few years from now still following my blog, and especially contributing to it through comments and suggestions, how do you think will our relationship be? That of friendship. This is how some followers and visitors have evolved from those positions to contributors, clients or dear friends of well-established blogs.

So, thank you my dear blog followers and visitors. See you soon as contributors, clients or dear friends and why not, all three at the same time!

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