It’s Easy to Make Money at Home (Part I)

No, that’s not another hype (although that can be true, given the right resources) but the name of this blog (my first one).

I created it exactly a year ago (in August 2012) in response to the frantic search for a new direction in my life.

Prior to that I had done business (both as employed and self-employed), published stories and articles (in newspapers, magazines, on online sites, and in anthologies) and written novels (none is published up to now—one of the circumstances which obliged me to look for salvation elsewhere) and done teaching (of business English, which continues up to now but may soon stop), among other activities.

So, when during Google search, I fell on blogging as a home business opportunity, I grabbed it. Did I really? No, I pounced on it!

In effect, finding three of my talent or activity areas (doing business, writing and teaching) combined in one was like bringing dry firewood, fuel and fire together!

Fortunately I was on long vacation that August. I had a computer at home but no internet connection (not anymore now) so I consulted all the blog-creation teaching material and did the creation of the website in a cybercafé. No easy task at all with clients going and coming, others making noise (playing music online, viewing video clips, discussing aloud issues featured on Facebook, conversing on skype or just plain conversing loud. Once I asked a young man if he could please lower his voice a little bit, that he wasn’t alone in the cyberpub and some of us were there for work and had it not been for the intervention of the owner that would have led to World War III!). From the street in front of the pub came the rumbling of traffic (from mainly old second hand vehicles from abroad and motorcycles) and their crazy honking. It was in this atmosphere (which I had mostly ignored because we are used to noise here) that I succeeded in creating my blog. 

I had created It’s easy to make money at home to help others create blogs too and monetize them. In this wise, I looked for blog creation platforms I could propose to them and fell on blogger (which I had been taught to use to create my blog on) and wordpress as the two main ones. Check it here

The next step in the blog creation process was web hosting (fortunately blogger is already hosted so I didn’t have to worry about that). But I needed to offer my visitors some choices. I searched for and got affiliate links from hosting companies such as GoDaddy, WebHostingHub, InMotionHosting, iPage, and others but did not embed their links in my blog yet. Check them here Check it here  I had to look for more businesses.

Now I had to index my blog (Search Engine Optimization, SEO) so that search engines could find it. That was when I generated my website keywords using Google AdWord and looked for web directories to submit to. My favourite one was SubmitterBot which submitted my link to almost 500 search engines in less than 2 hours for free. Check it here!

I was in high spirits, drunk by my initial success as an upcoming blogger and slept like a new baby.

This ends part I. Tomorrow we will look at how I started blogging.

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