What are the Four Important Parts of a Blog Post?

Although this post is based on information from one of the Empower Network Core Commitments labelled Blog Daily, I think the details are true for any blog post.

1. The Title

The title is what your post is about. It should be a short sentence. Anyone reading it should have an idea what the post is about. Avoid using All CAPS and avoid using special characters such as - * % @ etc.; this will create a poor permalink.

2. The Body

The best length for a blog post is 500-700 words. This is supposed to be the maximum attention span of most blog readers.

The body of a blog should have short paragraphs, quotes, and be sprinkled with the site’s keywords. Use the blog platform’s editing options to bold, italicize and make your post visually appealing.

Talking of appeal, one should also add photos or a video, if possible from YouTube that helps the blogger to make their point clearer. Don’t forget to give credit if the photo, video is coming from a source other than yours.

If you are taking your post from somewhere else or if you are quoting someone, it is a good idea to reference the source and post a link to the original author’s article.

One more thing: to write good content, don’t hesitate to check how good bloggers write. Visit their blog, learn what they write, study their style but above all be yourself!

3. The Call to Action

The ‘call to action’ is a powerful blogging tool enabling you to promote a link, a service, a product, or another thing. It is a link inserted into the blog post, telling the blog visitors to check it to visit a page outside the blog. So, the blogger can use it to ask the visitor to share your post, leave a comment, purchase a service or a product the post is talking about. As a concrete example, there is a call to action at the end of this post, asking you to check my Empower Network affiliate capture or sales page.

People using a blog (like the Empower Network blog) to promote a digital or a physical product should not ignore the Call to Action. This will enable readers land on the page where they will have more information about the products and if necessary, purchase them. What about those using their Empower Network or any other blog to express their personal thoughts to the world? They could ask their readers to share their post in addition to using social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc.). Obviously without a call to action you can’t expect anything from your readers than their clicking away from your post and moving on to another task on their minds.

4. The Tags
Tags are a group of words separated by a comma that describe what a post is about. While both tags and keywords help sort information from Search Engines, the latter are often related to the blog site, that is, what the website is about. That can be generated using Google AdWords.

Just like keywords, a post’s tags could be 5-7 words. In the Empower Netwrok blog and other wordpress blogs, tags can be located to the lower right hand side of the posting area. If you’re writing a post about the Empower Network, for example, your tags could be: empower network, blogging system, blog daily, online marketing, make money blogging.

If you follow these four parts, your blog posts will bring visitors. The trick really is to write good, quality, original content. Those are the magic words that help you attract traffic to your blog like iron filings to a magnet.

But to make your blog popular, you need to blog daily. Consistency is a must if you want to succeed in blogging.

Now, what should you blog about?

Opinions vary and differ. Experts in the internet marketing niche advise that you blog only about your blog’s ‘topic.’ But that’s not the Empower Network’s idea. Based on experience, they think you must write about whatever you want, like you, your passions, your ideas, and what makes you tick and people will read them ravenously.

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