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Welcome to the latest edition of the HotelsCombined affiliate partner newsletter.
Check out information below about new features in the affiliate portal as well as other news and useful tips.
  1. Affiliate Portal in multiple languages
We have recently launched the Affiliate Portal in German language. The affiliate portal is now available in the following 13 languages. We’d love to hear if you have any feedback or suggestions on translations of the affiliate portal.
Portuguese Brasileiro
Simplified Chinese
Traditional Chinese
  1. Old search boxes decommissioned
As we have mentioned in the affiliate portal notification and previous newsletters, old search boxes that use separate dropdowns for Guest/Room and a much older style of calendar and auto-suggest, were decommissioned earlier this month. Please check to ensure that all your search boxes are working correctly and are up to date with the current search box code. Any questions or issues, please contact affiliate support for assistance.
  1. Top 20 Most Visited Cities
Based on a new research, Bangkok will be the world’s most popular city for international tourists this year. It’s worth to note that there is a growing travel trend in the Asia-Pacific region, with many Asian cities reaching the top 20 list. Many of these destinations are worthwhile to promote to your users, depending on your target markets. 
1. Bangkok
11. Seoul
2. London
12. Milan
3. Paris
13. Rome
4. Singapore
14. Shanghai
5. New York
15. Amsterdam
6. Istanbul
16. Tokyo
7. Dubai
17. Vienna
8. Kuala Lumpur
18. Taipei
9. Hong Kong
19. Riyadh
10. Barcelona
20. Los Angeles

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