10 Magic Ad Words That Incite People to Buy

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You have a product or a service which you know is a money maker but the product alone is not enough for you to get money online. You need to advertise to get people to buy the product. Once again not any publicity at all can make you gain money online. There are some words which, when used in your advertising, make customers scramble for your offers. Let’s see 10 of them:

1. Discount/sale

You’re going down a busy street, flipping though a magazine or surfing online and what do you do when you see the word “discount” associated with an offer? You stop to check it, don’t you? This is because this tag is a seller. You’d therefore want to use “discount/sale” in your ad. Like you, people love bargains (rebates, one time sales, percentage offers, get one free offers, etc.). Capitalize on this to earn money from the internet.

2. Easy/simple

Do you remember the last time you bought a gadget or another thing and the instructions were so complicated that you had to muster all the courage to master it or even gave up all together trying to learn to use it? You’re not alone. Anything too complicated to understand easily puts people off. Therefore don’t neglect the word “easy/simple” in your ad. Remember, people want easy ordering, easy payments, simple instructions, easy to use products, easy cancellation, easy refunds, etc.

3. Fast

The word “fast” was working wonders before the internet came. Now, it even holds more sway over us. So, the use of the word “fast” in your ad is a must if you want to win money on the internet. You want fast ordering, fast payments, fast results, quick cancellation, fast delivery, etc., and so do everyone else. Time is money so people seem to be placing more value on the former.

4. Free

The word “free” in your ad is a crowd puller. People love free stuffs. That’s why companies offer you free incentives in the hope of getting you to do business with them. These could be free books, free accessories, free services, free delivery, free handling, free shipping, etc.

5. Guaranteed

Jobs these days are hard to come by or hold on to. People therefore think twice before dipping into their pockets. For that reason, they need all the assurance, when making a purchase, that they are not risking their hard earned income. How can you give them that confidence and earn money on the internet? By using the word “guaranteed” in your ad.

6. Important

Which will draw your attention most: an important meeting or an ordinary one? The same is true for every other thing in our lives. To make your ads effective therefore, you have to use the word “important”. Who does not want an important product? Would you ignore an important piece of information? Would you like to miss an important update? If you wouldn’t, neither would your customers. The word important in your ad will let them stop and take notice.

7. Limited

How many times didn’t you rush to place an order online because you were told a product was limited, and it would run out if you didn’t hurry? Do you want people to grab your offers too? Then use the word “limited” in your ad. People would want to own or receive them before they disappeared. After all who doesn’t want to own that exclusive or rare product? Don’t forget, the word “limited” gives any product more value, true or perceived, and help you gain money on the internet.

8. New

Do you see how fast our consumer society gets tired of “old” products? And how owning the “new” has been drummed so much into our heads that we don’t hesitate to do away with “old” products” and rush for the “new”? People want new products or services that will enhance their lives, hike up their ego, improve productivity, bring better results, etc. Cash in on this urge and insert the word “new” into your ad.

9. Testimonial

Why is word-of-mouth such a powerful means of advertising? Because they come from real people like us who have used the product or service and are testifying to its qualities. In the same way the word “testimonial” is a powerful one for your ad because “coming from the horse’s own mouth”. Seeing is believing so people want to have proof before they buy your product. Make sure they are reputable and specific proof.

10. You/Your

Go back and skim through this article. The reader is constantly referred to as you or your. These two words, used in your ad, will make people feel as if you were addressing them directly. This appeals to the ego (make people feel important) and pulls them into the ad to give it their best attention.

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