Thursday, 12 September 2013


You visit a blog and the title of a post invites you to read it. You are just wondering whether it is worth your while and then you take a cursory look and the way the article is presented pulls you in and you shrug and read on. Yes, you can also give your blog posts this irresistible power with the following tools:

1. Link affiliate links and embed banners and buttons

An affiliate link, especially a long one like this (;postID=883492773043457757) posted raw in a post looks wieldy. You can avoid that by using the Link tab and have something as below.

An image contains more “action” than words and hence can speak louder than them. So if your blog post needs a banner to make your point clearer or even to sell a physical or a digital product, don’t hesitate to embed it into your blog post. Get tutorials for embedding affiliate links here

2. Make fast screenshot of selected area


Are you wondering how the image above was made and how I got it into this post? Well, the Lightshot App did the trick and then I copied it from one of my blogposts using the same. (Check the post)

Lightshot allows you to select any area on a desktop and to do its screenshot by 2 clicks (- See more at: Here) Get Lightshot free here Let LightShot free here

3. Post to social networks with AddThis Smart Layers App


Check down of this blog post. The social buttons there not only make your site smarter but also they can make your posts attractive to your blog visitors as they enable them to share your content with their groups. What’s more: AddThis is one piece of code, mobile-ready, enables you to increase traffic, engagement and revenue and is free too! - : See more by clicking here 

4. Make your quotes graphically appealing



From now on each of my “Thought of the Day” is going to be presented in an appealing manner.

The secret is Quozio and using it is simple. You add your quote and the author of the quote. Then, you flip through your different choices and settle on the one which appeals to you (See more at)

Use these tools and your blog posts will drive the traffic your blog needs so much.

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