Wednesday, 4 September 2013

The Power of Positive Affirmations Affirmed

I’ve had ample opportunities to talk on this subject of positive affirmations, a necessity for anyone keen on succeeding in this difficult life, more so in business which is becoming more and more complicated.

American endurance swimmer Diana Nyad’s story has come at the right time to reinforce the power of positive affirmations in helping overcome overwhelming odds. Diana’s was “Find a way”. Mine is “I’m succeeding, oh Lord, I’m succeeding against all odds,” when the going gets tough. What’s yours?

Please see extract below taken from concerning Diana Nyad’s mantra: 

What Makes Athletes Like Diana Nyad Strive?

"I decided this year to use a mantra … and the phrase I decided to use was 'Find a way,'" Nyad told "GMA" anchor Robin Roberts.

"If something is important to you and it looks impossible and you're up against it, just step back for a minute and say, 'Really? Do I have the resolve to think of everything [to the] nth degree to get through this?' and most times we do," she said. "People give up too quickly." (Put in bold and underlined by me)

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