Thursday, 5 September 2013

How Can You Use AddThis to Make Your Site Popular?

AddThis is a company dealing in products to help website owners make their sites popular or more so.

Add Smart Layers

With AddThis Smart Layers, you can drive up to 3x traffic, site engagement and followers. All these are possible because AddThis provides you:
  • Multiple tools, one piece of code
  • Personalized features
  • Mobile-ready
  • Easy installation

Smart Layers

You no doubt want to make your site smarter. You have been wondering how to increase traffic, engagement and revenue. AddThis comes to your aid by instantly showing the right social tools and content to every visitor. What’s amazing: it’s one piece of code, mobile-ready and free too!

Smart Layers works seamlessly with all AddThis tools.

Maybe you already know about AddThis tools. Now come Smart Layers to complement those tools. These are Sharing and Follow Buttons, Welcome Bar and Trending Content.

1. Sharing Buttons Increase traffic to your site with social sharing.
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Instantly increase traffic and engagement with the world’s most popular sharing buttons for sites, blogs, and even newsletters. It is available for WordPress, Tumblr, and more. 

2. Follow Buttons Drive your users to become followers of your brand.
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An opportunity to get more fans and followers for your social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter, and other popular social networks. The Follow Buttons work on your site, blogs, and even newsletters.

3. Welcome Bar Convert your users with custom greetings.
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This is your chance to increase conversions by welcoming visitors with a personalized greeting to share, follow or visit a page you specify, based on sophisticated data science across 14 million domains.

4. Trending Content Promote your most popular content in real-time.
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This helps you boost traffic recirculation, time-on-site and page views by offering recommendations based on your site’s most popular content.


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AddThis Advertising services

AddThis helps you target and engage audiences with:

Smarter Data.

Most providers focus on a single type of data but not AddThis. Their advertising solutions layer multiple data graphs together to create powerful ways for brands and advertisers to find and engage audiences. These are:

Intent Graph

Proprietary data on 8 billion global searches a month gives us aggregated insight into user intent.

Behavior Graph

Proprietary data on 90 billion global actions a month gives us aggregated insight into user behavior.

Social Graph

Proprietary data on 2 billion global social events a month give us insight into social behaviors and connections.

Purchase Graph

Offline sales data on 50 million US households allow us to extend offline audiences online.

Data Products

Add traffic, engagement, monetization, intelligence

Data Drives Everything.

With aggregated, anonymized data AddThis leverage the power of the open web to help publishers, advertisers and their partners add the metrics that matter – more traffic, engagement, intelligence and monetization. Together, we can activate data to create a more personal, relevant and compelling web that boosts your bottom line.

Over 14 million domains trust AddThis.

You can too.

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