My Blog Has a New Look

If you have been following this blog faithfully, you’d have noticed that there have been no blog posts in the past two days, except for a ‘Thought of the Day’ posted yesterday. Sorry for any disappointment caused you, but it was for a good cause.

Your favourite blog was created exactly a year ago. From a modest beginning, it’s easy to make money at home now has some following. Things would have been totally different had blogger+ not blocked my profile for many of those twelve months, suspecting (unknown to me) that my name was not really mine!

Blocked last year with only five blog posts online, I have added almost 120 in the past two months. For those who are interested in creating blogs but are afraid to do so because they know nothing about blogging, let me confess that when I started last August I was also in the same situation. Many bloggers say the same thing. But like every endeavour, you get the hang of it as time goes by.

Writing articles was no problem for me because I am a published freelance writer. Thinking business was not difficult either since I had done that for years, however with limited results. But would you believe that it took me more than three weeks of trial and error to even fathom how to paste an HTML link into a blog post? Even, to celebrate a year of this blog, I didn’t know how to go about it when I decided to change its look. But those who seek really find.

Thanks to Blogger Guide ‘Customize your blog’s template’, I have been able to do it with the Blogger Template Designer.

So, what has changed?

I selected a new template, image, color, and column layouts as the Guide says “to make your blog an expression of you”.

While formerly my template featured a background image with dollars, I opted this time for a Wall Street one. This is still in keeping with the image of a money-making blog. What best to signify where dollars are well earned than that mythical business place? Besides, I think the new background is less obtrusive. Concerning the layout options for the blog, I chose three columns. I did the same for blog footer as well. But that was not all.

I also changed the width of the blog, and the right and left columns. Thank you Blogger for this new way for us to easily customize the look of our blogs.

The result?

-          The blog has a brighter look
-          Broadening the width means a page can have more content (especially across the width) without it looking too cluttered
-          The three columns of the layout have enabled me to move all the text links (newsreel, easycbbonus, some businesses, website resources, site creation and web hosting, traffic exchanges, other businesses, affiliate network companies, etc.) to the left hand side of the blog. On the right hand side are: my welcome message; contextual ad by Chitika, BidVertiser and Linkreferral; popular posts; About me followed by other banners to give you more business choices. Both sides hem in the blog posts. Why this arrangement? While reading a post, you can easily view the text and banner ads, instead of having to go through old posts to do so. So, the homepage becomes something like a one-stop shop
-          The three-column blog footer also enabled me to rearrange the mass of information there into three coherent wholes:
• On the left you’d find the blogs that I follow; my Google followers and Badge; you can join the site, sign in or translate it into any language you want
• In the middle are the blog archive; poll for you to rank my site; subscribe to follow by email and to posts and comments; follow this blog on Networked blogs; and watch video powered by YouTube. 
• On the right hand side is an awesomely long crazy list of web directories to
submit your site to for SEO ranking; and links for you to create your Facebook

But, what’s in all this for you, dear it’s easy to make money at home blog follower and visitor?

This new look was designed with you in mind. Right on the homepage, you can easily see the latest business news powered by Google to read on the left. On the right you’d see the welcome message, Chitika’s contextual ads and BidVertiser and the posts read most. The text and banner links are also to help you find quick what you need to create a blog and monetize it. 

Thanks a lot for being with me this past year. Some of you kept visiting the site even when it was blocked and I couldn’t post to it. This pleased me a lot and made me believe in the future of my blog. I hope to get the same show of confidence in the coming year and beyond. Have a nice day!

N.B.: Watch out for the blog post: What’s in the New Look for My Blog Followers and Visitors?

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