Dog Adoption Guide
Before you get your new dog, find out which breeds would be suitable for your family and lifestyle. Find out which dog breed to choose, whether to go for a puppy or an adult dog, which breeder can you trust, and more related questions about dog adoption:

Housetraining Your Dog
E-book to to put an end to your housebreaking nightmare with puppies and adult dogs. Easy, effective and simple tips for housetraining an adult dog or a puppy. Customized schedules for different ages of dogs and different lifestyle of owners included: is an unique website on dogs, that gives free information for all dog owners and sells digital products targeted towards dog owners. 

When you promote from your website, you can choose to put up Free Dog Training course online for your visitors. You can either put up the course for dogs, in general, or for a dog breed, in particular. 

Once they come to our landing page, they may opt for the Dog training free course, or move into our Housebreaking page, Dog Diet page or Grooming page

When they subscribe to any of our free courses, we send them free tips on that topic over email and promote our products to them. offers Dog Training (online membership site) at $37.  

Their other products on Dog Housebreaking, Dog Diet and Dog Grooming are sold in the form of downloadable e-books at $19.95. 

Their Program Features for affiliates:
  • High conversion rates from leads to sales
  • Digital products - so no need for shipping
  • Promote either the course for dogs, in general, or for a dog breed, in particular
  • Professional and consistently updated selection of creative banners and text links
  • Banner ads available
  • Customer Service Agents and Phone Support available to customers
  • Attractive website that is easy to navigate
  • Visa, Master Card accepted
  • Responsive Affiliate Manager

A Definitive Guide To Dog Grooming At Home 
How to groom your dog from the comfort of your home and establishing the most loving bond. Grooming Your Dog At Home:


Learn about the right diet for your dog and gift him with a long, happy life:

 The Dog Diet e-books talk about everything related to Dog's Diet. What foods to feed, how to ead dog food labels, BARF diet, recipes for homemade dog food, special diets for puppies, obese dogs, too thin dogs, old dogs etc. These books will ensure you provide a healthy diet for your dogs and give it a long, happy, pain free life. Dog Diet E-books


Check it here: Dog Adoption Guide

Check it here: Housetraining Your Dog 

Check it here:  Grooming Your Dog At Home

Check it here: Dog Diet E-books

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