A Brief Guide to Creating an AutoResponder Letter

This blog post is based on a guide I received from TrafficWave.net as part of my subscription to its autoresponder services.

What is an AutoResponder?

An AutoResponder is a means for online marketers to automate repetitive sales tasks, build and manage multiple prospect lists, and send out regular articles, updates, and announcements. A marketer can also use it to automate the process of list building, follow up with prospects, and close more sales.

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How to build a list of targeted prospects

To build a list of targeted prospects, the first step is to create 5 to 7 messages about your offer (product, service, or opportunity) and add them to your AutoResponder Campaign. You may set them to go out every 2 days.

(N.B.: The average number of messages for successful marketers is 5 to 9. However you may use more letters or less, depending on your need.)

Now, let’s see a simple guideline for you to create follow-up letters:

Message 1: Sent Out Immediately

In this message thank subscribers for requesting your information. Then give them a brief history about yourself and an overview of your offer

In this message, as in subsequent ones, don’t forget to include a “call to action.” It is a link to your website, your name and email address, and a phone number so critical to the success of your messages as it lets prospects know what to do next and how to do it. (ask for further details, an order, more information.)
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Message 2: Day 3

In this message, give a brief reminder of your first message and the benefits of your offer. Let subscribers know how different it is from others.

Message 3: Day 5.

In this message include some testimonials from your company or a little personal story. Alternatively, you may also share success stories and testimonials from other users of your offer. If you are promoting an affiliate plan, let subscribers know how others are building their income with it.

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Message 4: Day 7

In this message, focus on one particular feature of your offer, e.g. how it can help make or save money, increase productivity, lose weight, etc. Offer to answer questions and provide support.   

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Message 5: Day 9

This is the moment to be a little more personal. Let your prospects know that you are available to offer any possible help. Profit to thank your prospects again for requesting your information and assure them that you are a real human being ready to help them succeed.

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Message 6: Day 11

In this message stress another set of features of your offer and share a few more testimonials from others or from your own experiences with your offer. Briefly review some of the details you have shared in previous letters.

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Message 7: Day 13

In this message, you may ask for some feedback from your prospects. Let them know how it has been a pleasure sending them information and express the hope it has been helpful to them. Ask for any concerns they may have or what might be the reason for not accepting your offer. Thank them for having agreed to receive your information and assure them of your availability to answer any questions they may have.

This may bring in some feedback in which people could share some concerns or reveal why they can’t accept your offer at this time.

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Now You’re Ready To Go

Now load the letters into your AutoResponder Campaign to begin advertising to attract prospects to your offer that your AutoResponder will follow up for you. Know that to get people to give you their name and email address and request your information, you must give them something compelling in return.

This could be information on how to start and profit from a home based business, tips on how to better protect one’s identity, weight loss tips, nutritional information or information on how to promote a web site or create a blog and monetize it.

You can now focus your advertising on your lead capture pages so that people will request more information from you. It is important not to try to sell them up front yet but just focus on capturing their information. You can use the follow up later to close the sale.

Here is the magic of AutoResponders: as people fill out your subscription forms or email your AutoResponder to request your offer, their information is captured in your database.

Then your AutoResponder goes to work sending out your sales message so that for the next two weeks, your prospects will be receiving them. The sweetness of it is that you don’t have to remember to send them out nor worry about which prospect has received which letter. Your AutoResponder does all that by working for you behind the scenes.

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 A word of caution

But this isn’t reason to go to sleep. Now is the time to focus on:
  1. Continuing to advertise to get more prospects in to your AutoResponder
  2. Using the feedback from prospects to adjust the contents of your letters.
Let’s espouse a little bit on this second point. Should your prospects constantly have a question about an aspect of your offer, you need to make changes or additions to your message in that direction. Remember, any concern expressed is an occasion to give your prospects more information and increase your subscriber list for better business.

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