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Today's "Thought of the Day" is special, in that it calls for your feedback, dear follower and visitor.

'One cannot be judge and judged' is a proverb I like very much. It has several equivalents in African languages that I know: 'the person clearing a path cannot tell whether it is going crooked or straight,' 'one cannot dance and appreciate themselves.'

I've been writing a lot concerning the first anniversary of this blog. I wish to thank all those who have been following me and visiting the blog. Your encouragement is going to let big things happen because I couldn't have had the stimulus to continue without you. But now I need you even more.

I write for you, not for myself, otherwise I could have kept a diary. Therefore I would want to know what you like about my blog posts, where or what I'm doing poorly and how you'd like future postings to be. Why not even tell me what you'd like me to write about? I'd happily serve you.

Let me assure you once again that I'm entirely at your disposal for any sollicitations and thank you very much for your feedback.

Your 'servant'
Akoli Penoukou

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