It's Easy to Make Money at Home. Really?

Some of you may think: is this guy not going out of his mind, questioning the very name of his blog? No, there’s nothing like that but just a little more explanation of that blog name. The rationale for choosing that name was not to sort of loaf at home and see the money rolling in. The idea was to work smart, not hard to make money. Maybe to show that one can make more money at home as a self-employed person rather than commuting to work for someone else.

Now, how am I trying to make money at home? In other words, how can I describe my typical day as a young blogger and recent affiliate marketer?

Well, we’ll begin with the rising sun and not end by the setting sun because I very often go way beyond that.

I usually wake up at 5 am to the sound of my cell phone’s alarm and then to that of the chirping birds who come to roost in the trees in our homes. I don’t groan nor do I wince; I’m waking up early to do something that I love, something that is going to bring me money, and loads of it. Short, I’m getting up early to build my own business, not someone else’s. That’s a powerful stimulant, believe me.

Still lying in bed, I would thank God for his care during the night and for giving me another day and confide it to His Grace. Just a simple straightforward prayer, not a lot of blah, blah, blah because Jesus taught us to be simple because God knows what we want before we ask. I continue with my positive affirmation. Here it is once again for those who may not know it:

            I effortlessly attract leaders, affiliates, and entrepreneurs to my
team and have a massive, solid residual income flowing constantly
every month into my bank accounts on autopilot enabling me to
become who I want to be, to have what I want to have and to do
what I want to do and thus live the life my dreams since the world
responds positively to my endless faith in its promise and I thank
the good Lord for that.

Then I will crawl out of bed and drag myself into the bathroom and brush my teeth. Next, I will trudge to the computer and switch it on. My Ailiang Home Theatre System also. First I check my yahoo box for my private messages, delete spam and answer those needing that action. Then I will log into my gmail boxes for business and do the same. The first is my primary box where I deal with serious business matters; the second is the secondary one where I sign up for offers and other stuffs that I had to consider before embracing them. Then I begin to blog.

I have my first blog on, then came empower network blog, IMglobal blog and others I haven’t yet begun using. You’d think I love blogging so much but I think blogs love me. I’d sign up for a program and receive a blog.

I have a bank of blogging topics concerning blogging or making money on line got through Google research, Google Adwords, and reading. I would look for one of these topics or even a company or product review and write about it. If I felt like it, I would write individual blogs for the three but on the contrary (or if I had a lot of ideas), I wrote separate posts for them. I always add a ‘Thought of the Day’ for my blogger blog post.

How long do these activities take?

It’s incredible but checking and answering my messages can drag on for hours sometimes. Those are times when I find new programs to join, welcome messages to send to new signups, or another thing concerning my affiliate businesses to do.

Concerning new businesses, I may subscribe, confirm and be directed to a capture page or another. There, there will be other important information to follow; sometimes even other irresistible offers. I used to follow one lead after another and finally get lost. So my advice is don’t follow offers on end, otherwise you’d never finish your business for the day. As for new signups, in addition to the messages, I add their details to the database for that business.       

Writing a blog post can also take up a lot of time. I would choose one, two or three from the bank, do some research on Google to find out what others have written about it/them and what can be my own way of treating that/those subject(s). Sometimes the writing goes very fast, other times (or rather, most often) it sort of refuses to come down on the paper and I may find myself spending hours on it.

I live in Africa where community life is very strong. Family, friends, neighbours and phone calls may butt in anytime and there is no way to let them leave you alone. Telling them you have this work to do and need time for it may sound rude to them. I view it as a form of break, although unplanned.

Also to reduce the stress of work, I usually write to the background of jazz or worship music on DVD. As for local music I usually listen to them on the radio. And what about ‘planned’ breaks?

I also pause for breakfast, lunch and supper. They are short breaks for a quick bite and then the day may drag on up to midnight and sometimes 2 am or even 5 (then I set my alarm for 8 am).

My two kids are always fast asleep when I drag into bed. My wife is too but she’s not a deep sleeper and often raises her head when I plod into the bedroom and she says, “Oh, done already? I would tell her the time and she’d sigh and say, “So late?” and wish me sound sleep.

I sleep like a baby. Hardly do I finish praying (thanking God for everything positive thing which happened to me in the day, confiding the night to him and asking for another bright day) and doing the last of my daily affirmations when sleep overtakes me.

I sleep like a log and get crazy when my wife tells me how loudly I snored that day! One day I caught her snoring too and recorded it on her own mobile phone and when I played it for her she just looked at me as if I had caught her doing something naughty. I sometimes bear a grudge but my wife isn’t capable of it.

In the light of the above, the question is: is it easy making money at home?

I’d say it depends on what easy means. If it’s getting rich quick and without much effort, then the answer is definitely no. But if it’s working smart and enjoying what one is doing and seeing promises of big things to come, then yes, it’s easy making money at home.

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