TrainPetDog Newsletter # 2- Dog Diet

I’m publishing this newsletter for the benefit of dog owners and affiliates interested in promoting products for dogs and dog owners:

Dear Linkshare Publisher,

We’re a nation of animal lovers – and dog lovers in particular.  But that love for our pets can sadly lead to a problem that is growing (in more ways than one) on an annual basis.  And that’s one of obesity.  After all, you only need take a stroll to your local park to see evidence of it with your own eyes.
Fat dogs, waddling along.  Not able to run, jump, chase their tails, play fetch or do any of those things that make life worth living.  Simply because of the owner’s inability to provide them with the correct diet.
You see, we humans have a terrible tendency to place human emotions onto our pet dogs.  We like a sugary snack, so we think they’d like a sugary snack.  We enjoy a biscuit with a cup of coffee, so we give the dog a biscuit as well.  You get the picture.  And dogs – being dogs – soon come to realize that these Scooby snacks are yummy.  And all they need to do for more to appear is to fix their owner with those deep, soulful eyes, paste on a mournful expression and “abracadabra!” another snack appears.
It’s only when little health issues start to become apparent that the error of those ways truly come home to roost.  It’s all very well for someone to be told that their dog needs to go on a diet, but managing to find the correct information amongst a sea of dog food manufacturer’s advertising blurb is easier said than done.
And this is where our Dog Diet eBook is so vital for dog owners.  Packed full of nutritional information that will benefit dogs of all ages, weights and breeds, it’s set out in a simple to understand format, and written in a manner that dog owners will immediately feel at ease with.  After all, being told that you’ve been feeding your beloved dog in a way that can actually cause him or her harm is never an easy topic to broach.  And that’s why our Dog Diet eBook is proving so popular amongst concerned owners.  Not only does it cover obesity issues, but also the correct nutrition necessary for dogs through all their stages of development. 
The doggy market is perhaps one of the largest available, and one that you as Linkshare Publisher cannot fail to miss out on.  So search Linkshare right now for “TrainPetDot.”  As a pre-approved affiliate seller, you’ll be able to use our prepared HTML links for the Dog Diet eBook right away, meaning you can be up and running within minutes.  With some of the best commissions offered on Linkshare, you can’t afford not to take advantage of the enormous (and still growing) pet dog market that’s available to you right now.
Here’s to a mutually profitable relationship.
Thank You, Affiliate Team.
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