Monetize Your Blog with These Contextual Ad Companies

Contextual advertising is targeted advertising in the form of a banner or a pop-up ad used on a website or on another media, e.g. the content displayed in mobile browsers. The advertisements are selected by automated systems and target the advertising to a user based on the keywords on the page he or she is visiting; hence the word contextual which is a reference to the context of the ad.

You can apply to the companies listed below dealing in contextual ads. Once accepted, you embed the links supplied you on your blogs. And when a blog visitor clicks on the ad, you earn money. Which way can be nicer than this for you to gain money online?


AdBrite allows you to set your own ad rates and decide the ads published on your site. You can also ask to advertise on your site with AdBrite as the broker. Click here to apply


A powerful way for you to monetize the content on your blog, AdGenta allows you to choose when and where to place your ads, what they look like, and what ad is displayed. Better still, you earn money on your own terms! Click here to appy


Bidvertiser On-Site Bid Per Click offers you the possibility to sell your ad space, automatically, to the highest bidder, on a price-per-click basis, where the price is mostly effected by the quality and popularity of your website. Check it on the banner at the top of the post.


CBprosense unique access tool of targeted keywords enables you much more control over the types and selection of products. Hence, you can dictate the number of products to display, the minimum commission rate, the Ad font face, font color and background colors, “show” or “don't show” product description, you can even turn off “Ads by...” from showing over your ads. With Cbprosense the links are incorporated into your pages and appear as an integral part of your content. A proven concept to delivering more sales.  Click here to apply


Chitika (pronounced CHIH-tih-ka), | eMiniMalls SM bring life to product promotion on the web. With eMiniMalls you may hand-select particular products (or product categories) targeted to the content of your webpage, and provide your visitors with robust comparative shopping information to make an informed buying decision. Click on the banner left to check it.

Chitika | Shoplincs (SM)

Chitika | Shoplincs (SM) gives you the possibility to promote hand picked products you endorse, along with your expert reviews and paid listings/offers from name brand merchants.
Shoplinc is different from other branded shops in that your Shoplinc will feature content from your website, blog posts or articles. So it’s not just another shop, but your own with your content.

Chitika | Shoplincs is being offered only to select premier publishers and on an invitation basis only. Another requirement is a minimum of 10,000 page views per month. Click here to apply


Clicksor™ will pay you up to 85% of the advertising revenues to place contextual ads on your blog. Payments are based on a net 15 terms on a bi-weekly schedule. You are allowed to select from a wide range of decent media such as Text banners, Graphical banners, Pop-Under advertisements, Search box, Contextual inline links, Layer ads and XML feed to host on your blog. Click here to apply


Google AdSense is a fast and easy way for blog owners to display relevant Google ads on their website’s pages and gain money online. AdSense ads are related to what blog visitors are looking for or matched to their characteristics and interests, presenting you the possibility to monetize and enhance your content pages. With AdSense, you also provide Google web and site search to your visitors, and earn money by displaying Google ads on the search results pages. Click here to apply

Kanoodle BrightAds

Partnering with Kanoodle will allow you (blog owners, RSS feeds and domains) to get money online through their simple-to-use distribution programs. Your visitors will appreciate the relevant information Kanoodle ads bring to your space. Because Kanoodle BrightAds match whatever content you have on your blogsite, they’re always relevant and certainly appeal to your blog site’s visitors. Click here to apply


Kontera uses its patented semantic engine to analyze and understand the true meaning of a page, hence it delivers relevant ads and information to your users while driving significant, complimentary revenue to your bottom line.

Kontera’s In-Text Advertising units are only activated when users engage with them, and so are non-intrusive. This enhances the user’s browsing experience on your blog and delivers additional revenue along with control over the look and feel of your site.  Click here to apply

Marchex Adhere for Publishers

A private-label, performance advertising platform, Marchex Adhere for Publishers enables premium publishers to more effectively monetize their Web sites. More, Marchex Adhere gives publishers total control over their inventory, including the look and feel, and the minimum bid prices. Publishers click here to apply and Customers/Publishers go here’s ad technology is deployed through both search and content channel integration. This helps visitors gain access to more relevant information about an area of interest, helping to monetize Internet traffic more effectively while maintaining the existing look and feel of a partner’s site. Click here to apply

Vibrant Media

Being a contextual media pioneer and the world’s leading provider of in-text advertising enables Vibrant Media to give marketers the opportunity to deliver highly targeted, user-initiated online advertisements within the text of web content. A minimum of 50,000 page views per month is necessary to qualify.

Yahoo! Publisher Network

These are what the new beta Yahoo! Publisher Network platform enables you to do:
* Generate additional revenue from your site. Display ads related to the content on your site. You'll earn revenue from qualified clicks.
* Take advantage of Yahoo! Publisher tools, services and programs. Integrate other Yahoo! services into your web site, including Add to My Yahoo! (RSS), Y!Q and much more to come...
* Help shape what Yahoo! offers the publishing community. This beta program is just the beginning. Yahoo!’s mission is to deliver products and services based on the needs of the publishing community. Click here to apply

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