What’s in the New Look for My Blog Followers and Visitors?

I created my blog to help people create their own blogs and monetize them to earn money from the internet. And the new look of my blog will help my followers and visitors better and easily find the resources to do so.

Now the resources on the left hand side:

The newsreel

If you want to succeed in business you must digest business information ceaselessly. This is what the newsreel offers you.


This is a program set up by former ClickBank gurus Adrian Ling and Harvey Segal to help ClickBank affiliates become super affiliates and succeed online. For more information on this money maker, consult the blog post: HERE

Some businesses

Here, you’d find businesses such as Web Colleagues from whom I learnt to create a blog; create, send and participate in surveys to make money on the internet; get free stuff; book hotels, etc.

Website resources
To create your ads, get keyword tools, and submit your site to web directories.

Site creation and web hosting

You’d find platforms for creating a blog and for hosting it.

Search engines and Traffic exchanges

To help index your site and get traffic to it. I’ve found traffic exchanges as great places to get new businesses to do to get money online. Try it and you wouldn’t be disappointed.

Other businesses

A collection of some companies I find helpful to earn money on the internet.

Affiliate network companies text link

This is the crux of my online businesses. You’d find links to great affiliate companies as Empower Network (EN), Global Domains International (GDI), Strong Future International (SFI), Jubirev Jubimax, Global Virtual Opportunities (GVO), and others to help you gain money on the internet.

What kinds of resources are available to you on the right?

Contextual ad companies

Do you want an easy way to earn money from your blog? Or do you want more information on some blog posts? Then check the chitika ads and BidVertiser.

Popular posts

Which of my blog posts are drawing the most crowds? Check them here and click to read them.

Affiliate network companies banners

Have you heard of PayDotCom, Peerfly, Linkshare, Commission Junction, and others? Check them to sell and/or promote physical and digital products online and gain money online.

Other links

The other links you find here are for hotel booking online, watching movies, hosting websites, building webs, generating free website traffic, selling downloads, getting free stuff, bidding, website monitoring, taking care of your dog, working from home, building your business online, exploding your donwline, getting paid to click, etc. All these help you to win money on internet.

In the middle

This is where you’d find the blog posts. Kindly take sometime always to leave your comments so that I can better serve you.

The lower part

This also features the popular post on this blog.

The footer

The footer shows blogs that I follow, the blog archive and gives you a long list of web directories to which you can submit your site for ranking.

Further down, you can subscribe to my blog by email or to posts and comments. And why not wind up by watching videos on YouTube right from this site?

So, if you want to know how to win money on the internet, come back often to check new blog posts and resources.

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