Law 19: Don’t be a sheep: don’t follow a direction because everybody else is taking it.

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If you followed everybody’s footsteps do you think you would get rich? Not at all. We know that most people control neither their wealth nor their lives. They find it comfortable to go with the flow instead of dictating their future and worse, they even lack the courage and the discipline to do something about their lives.

That shouldn’t be your case. You can decide not to drift with the current. Therefore be strong, steadfast with your strategy and weigh the pros and cons of the advice you get, especially if it is coming from an ordinary Joe.

While the sheep sell at the least sign of a property ‘crash’ and lose money, successful people with confidence in their strategy and themselves buy and hold and make a killing.

To be successful and remain so you must often be “quirky, individual, different, sometimes excluded, sometimes ridiculed, very often creative, individual, perhaps stubborn and focused, definitely courageous, mature, educated, experienced and open minded,” as Johnnie puts it.

Don’t ever forget: anything, absolutely anything, and no matter how big, can be achieved, with the right psychology.

With these 19 laws of wealth, you have that psychology to achieve the mind-set of a wealthy and successful person and attract great wealth into your life.

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