Law 28: Teamwork: you need great people around you to help you succeed.

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It takes team work to make the dream work.” Johnnie Cass was quoted as having coined that beautiful phrase in his recent TV show and he is right.

Man is a social animal and business is a social venture. So you need great people as friends, family, coaches, mentors and advisors to help you grow and handle aspects of your businesses that you have neither the time nor the acumen to do.

Since you will need people to work with and for you, the amount of money you make will be directly proportional to the amount of value you give them. That is, the more you give people, the more they will help you make money. So don’t hesitate to add some kind of value to other people’s lives and you will always have wealth and abundance.

Now, how can you add value to people’s lives? Even a smile to make their day or a financial offering and opportunity will do.

To have a solid team, favour strong and trusting relationships with others and constantly seek to help them and add value to their lives. By giving out his ebook free, Johnnie Cass is adding knowledge and value to the lives of subscribers.

Have you ever heard of the 7 steps removed theories? It says that contact between 7 people can link you with everyone on earth [you have contact with A, who also has contact with B, who in turn has contact with C and so on...].

The way you received A could be damaging or beneficial to building your network and reputation. For who A knows might become your partner (spouse, investor, friend, bank manager or mentor)!

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