Law 31: Why you must be a ‘salesman’: Wealth is produced by sales.

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Sales are one of the three skills necessary for attaining long term wealth and success. We will see the two others—the Arts of deal making and of negotiation—in Law 40.

To sell is not only to exchange for money or its equivalent or to offer for sale or deal in or even to attract buyers but also to convince or cause people to accept you, your proposals or your ideas (the fact that you are right or knowledgeable).. In fact, this is what you do all the time with people (friends, bank manager, customers, colleagues, boss, partner and children).

So you see, you are a salesperson without even knowing it. What is demanded of you here is to be conscious of it and do it methodically. You need to be able to sell yourself, your ideas, via other people and other companies, on websites, in shops, at all prices with good margins, all over the world and even while you sleep. This is because being a successful salesperson will bring you great wealth using the other Laws in this book.

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