Section 2: Planning your wealth ; Law 20: Define what wealth means to you: How do you perceive wealth?

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Section 2: Planning your wealth

This section of the laws of wealth, made up of 8 laws, concerns Laws of planning for wealth.

Wealthy and successful people leave nothing to chance, they plan meticulously.

As we said in the last section, here too you would find some of the laws similar to those already mentioned in the preceding 19 Laws.

Law 20: Define what wealth means to you: How do you perceive wealth?

Since wealth means different things to different people, it is important to know your own representation of it. What it is and how much it is are not important. What are paramount is that it suits you and can lead you to the life of your choice.

This should be a marker post for you. Do you want enough money banked for 5, 10, or 30 years? Property investments, for example, that grow by £x annually? Passive income from a business or investment? A specific salary?

Set it as realistic or as high as you want. If you have no exact idea, make your guess as accurate as possible. Anyway your definitions and strategies will be changing with time (life is a journey and not a destination, so you can always refine your definition of wealth).

Your idea of wealth, like any goal, value, idea or concept should be penned down, kept in a folder or file and placed in a secure place to be referred to, used as a guide, a rulebook, a checklist, a diary, a goal and a useful tool by which to measure your progress.

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