Law 44: Only buy quality: it saves you money in the long run and makes you feel/look good.

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In every purchase you make there is a critical point where quality as against price is at its optimum. You will see soon that it is only worth it to find and only buy good value quality items.

Cost cutting and small economies are not the way to ‘make money.’ You don’t necessarily make money by saving money. Besides, when whipped up to obsession, cost cutting can hinder wealth creation.

Craving cheap items (whether a business one such as stock or a personal possession such as a shirt) will very often end up costing you more money in the long run unless it was very well calculated. The law of quality specifies that there is a point at which the value is the greatest and not at the very cheap end; neither is it really at the high side end either.

Buying only quality also has to do with ‘utility’ and ‘feel good factors’. Where is the utility if you bought a Ferrari and kept it in the garage all year? But a M3 or an Audi R8, at one-fifth the cost, which you drive every day, will give you almost as good a feel good factor and are infinitely more value.

If you can feel good about your buys, cherish having them and know you have purchased value, you will enjoy money rather than thinking you were wasting it.

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